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Med Surg, Geriatrics and dialysis
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fanfan8787RN has 6 years experience and specializes in Med Surg, Geriatrics and dialysis.

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  1. fanfan8787RN

    To old to be hired anymore?

    Have you considered working for an agency? Just a thought. Good luck to you.
  2. fanfan8787RN

    Soon to be LPN grad not sure where to work

    Nowhere is perfect. I would choose the facility that offers tuition assistance. I wouldn't work for a facility that gets upset at staff for writting an incident report when staff gets abused. Not a good sign. Good luck.
  3. fanfan8787RN

    Is there anything I could do?

    If you gave the ALF notice and you are in good standing, then ask for your job back. Just explain that your situation has changed and that you would like to rescind your resignation. Good luck.
  4. fanfan8787RN

    Gaining stability and experience

    Have you considered working the acutes? Now, you may be floated between hospitals. It might give you "the foot in the door" to working in a hospital because you will be working in an care acute setting.
  5. fanfan8787RN

    What to do, what to do.

    The bottom line is if the DON doesn't feel the need to address the issue, then nothing will be done. Complaining about the situation may have negative consequences for you. Good luck.
  6. fanfan8787RN

    Desired Salary Question

    The salary would only be adjusted if you are working for a union facility. The union would have a a set salary grade depending on years of experience. Otherwise, nurses have to negotiate their own salary.
  7. fanfan8787RN

    why do teachers turn a blind eye to cheating??

    Don't give up. Finish the program. I don't know about your school but nursing classes usually do not transfer. Those in your program who are cheating will probably have difficulty passing their boards. Good luck to you.
  8. fanfan8787RN

    How do I get a new job after being fired?

    Recommend that you sign up with an agency. It would give you a breather and a chance to earn some icome. You should also ask some of your nursing friends who are familiar with your work to serve as references. Good luck to you.
  9. fanfan8787RN

    Very Excited

    Good luck :clpty:
  10. fanfan8787RN

    Silly family members, Trix are for kids!

    Can someone say security? I would just call security when visiting hours are over.
  11. fanfan8787RN

    Z-coil Shoes

    Fuguly :barf01:
  12. fanfan8787RN

    Overnight Care for children?

    I think that would be very helpful for parents as long as it's an affordable option. I've noticed that many overnight daycare services are usually way too expensive for most people to consider. Good luck
  13. fanfan8787RN

    averg. travel rate for fresenius acute rn?

    I was wondering if anyone knows what fresenius pays their acute travel dialysis rns. Any locate is fine but I. Was curious about TX rates. Thanks
  14. fanfan8787RN

    How does Pass/Fail affect GPA?

    I failed the cpne on my first try and passed the second time. The failed attempt does not appear on my transcript. Hope that helps.
  15. I was wondering about the same thing.
  16. fanfan8787RN

    How can I get OUT of Med Surg and into ICU, ER??

    I feel your pain. I too work in Med Surg and while I enjoy nursing, I hate the "Have it your way" Burger King mentality. Good luck. Just keep your options open. I don't know how you feel about dialysis but some companies offer training.