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So I have come up with an idea of possibly opening up a "night" care for the sole purpose of mother's and father's who work the third shift. There are so many people who are struggling with day care/school hour issues b/c of... Read More

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    The idea is good but I think it would be much easier to offer the care in the home. You have so much regulatory stuff and it would be disruptive to the kids to have to sleep somewhere else. It would also be much cheaper for the parent. Good luck.

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    Perhaps instead of a stand alone nightcare, you partner up with an already established childcare to expand their hours. (I'm not sure how this would work with childcare licensing/regulations or other business laws.) The daycare already being set up to "house" kids, with some modifications would be able to turn it into a 24 hour operation, and not paying separate lease/mortgage payments for two facilities. Besides, then you could cover those often forgotten 2nd shift workers!
    (Sort of like a dog boarding facility that does doggy daycare as well.)
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    Quote from Esme12
    You need to do a market evaluation...the website idea is brilliant. Fing out what your demmographic is ready to pay for or even if they think it's a viable option. Flyers on the cars in the hospital parking lot overnight.....Check with your states rules and regs. Maybe you state doesn't allow overnight child care outside of a residential home for whatever regulatory issue. What is your overhead?....who would you hire?....HOw much would you pay?.....do you offer your employee's benefits?....do your care givers need to be certified/licensed care givers? What are fire regulations in a free-standing non residential building providing overnight child care......

    It is a really great idea.....but I have never seen one. It makes you wonder why.......are there regulations against overnight daycare facilities? Is the insurance/overhead too much?......Is there no interest/clients due to saftey cost issues? Is it cheaper to hire someone to care for the children in their own home?

    Keep us posted.......

    It's very pricey to provide. The only ones I've ever been aware of that were successful were subsidized by hospitals to make it affordable. It was used as a recruitment tool/benefit to attract night staff. That was back in the days when sign-on bonuses were also routinely offered.
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    would you be responsible for getting the child up in the morning, bathed and dressed in the morning for school? If I leave the hospital at 7:30, and my kid needs to be to school at 8/815......see what I mean?

    Besides that, I think it's a great idea.

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