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Online RN-BSN programs

  1. 0 I am looking for some information/advice on some online RN-BSN programs with affordable tuition that are accredited. If anyone has any information or advice that could help me out PLEASE help me out!! Thanks so much!:spin:
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    Just to clairfy are you already and RN?
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    I'm attending Chatham University While it is pricey ($14,000) you can get through their program in only 8 months.
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    University of Northern Colorado has a great program and the tuition is some of the least expensive around.
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    University of Colorado- Denver also has an accredited online program. I think University of Phoenix is accredited too.
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    #5 0 [University of North Alabama] has a great program and reasonable tution.
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    University of Colorado- Denver is a GREAT program!! And if given the choice, I would go there first. At least when I was looking, they were a Top 10 Nursing School in No. Amarica. My understanding though, is that they will not accept out of state students. I was very disappointed.
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    UMass Boston and UMass Amherst have online RN-BSN programs. UMass Amherst is about $15,000, UMass Boston is less, but both are more expensive if you aren't a MA resident.
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    I graduate in May.
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    I don't know about affordable, but these are the programs that I've looked into--I ended up going with Davenport University.
    Davenport University:
    U of Michigan-Flint:
    Ferris State University:
    Michigan State University:
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    I attend Indiana Wesleyan University BSN online.

    18 months to finish. I am on my fourth class, it is very doable.
    BEST PART=no chemistry, no statistics, no microbiology required as pre-reqs......
    All of my associate degree classes were accepted for transfer.
    Classes are 5 wks long, textbooks delivered before each class. Cost $22000, expensive but worth it for me.

    The program works great for me, lots of writing but I thinks that with every online BSN.

    Hope this info is helpful.
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    Thanks, it actually cost $16,000 but I will need to take a religion class and I guess 2 more english classes. But the school has a very good reputation and it seems very straight forward and you don't have to go through a third party like College Network and take 20 other pre-requesites by your self and very costly.
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    Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. RN to BSN on line. A really fine program. I could not have been happier and all the people I have refered to the program feel the same way. Very supportive, very much interested in your success.