Online Nursing Drug Guide?

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    Does anyone know a website on or online Nursing Drug Guide? I need a quick and easy reference on the action, indication, and especially nursing considerations for specific drugs. Thanks in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    I go to
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    i subscribe to pepid to look up drugs.
    they have [color=#333333]7,500 drug names, generics, otc, and herbals. [color=#333333]they also have a drug interactions generator and an iv compatibility tool which is very helpful at the bedside.
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    To look at pepid site just type in and try a free trial to see how easy it is to use the drug references.
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    Great thread and greater suggestions!!
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    Davis Drug Guide's is It has meds on it that the book doesn't have.
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    Another good site is You can enter all your meds in and it will give you any interactions. It has some other stuff on it too, but I have only used this site to check for medication interactions. A valuable tool if you need to do any med audits!
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    I know a few but you need to have access to databases that suscribe - or subscribe yourself
    1.Micromedex from Thomson Databases
    2.Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

    One that you can access without database access for free is

    Hope this helps...
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    This is a a good website....