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WE're being given yet another thing to do differently, under the guise that it will save us time, save us steps and answer all the questions to life's mysteries. One or Two hour rounding is how it's titled and I'm curious if... Read More

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    We are supposed to do rounding every hour on our patients (telemetry floor). Vitals and assessments are every four hours. Theoretically, we are supposed to ask every hour if each patient needs pain meds, reposition, to go to the bathroom, or po intake. Because I work nights, I usually just tiptoe in to see if they're awake or not. We also have forms on the bathroom doors to sign every hour...which means that at six am, the techs and the nurses are rounding to sign off alternate hours for the entire night. Statistically, it's supposed to cut down on falls and give us more time by getting to the patients before they need us....but it takes the same amount of time to go get a pitcher of water or put someone on the bedpan regardless of if you ask them or they ask you, as far as I'm concerned. Most of us have already figured out that if you put an incontinent patient on the BSC to void every hour, they're still going to wet the bed.

    Just another example of looking good on paper, devised by someone who hasn't done floor nursing in the last few decades.
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