Once a student, always a student? How do you keep up with the healthcare changes?

  1. Hey all -

    I'm a fresh RN graduate, finally beginning my career! I'm curious what seasoned nurses do to keep themselves uptodate on latest healthcare changes. I want to keep up my momentum for continuing education and satisfy my thirst for knowledge!

    - Do you complete CME online credits in spare time? If so, where do you go for them?

    - Do you have journals sent to your email or house? If so, what do you like?

    - Do you pay for a membership to a nursing association? If so, which ones have you actively participated or had benefits from?

    Thanks for all insight!
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  3. by   applewhitern
    I read a lot, especially anything to do with healthcare. There will always be new medications, new warnings, new this, new that. If there is anything really important, your facility will probably make you aware of it. I have noticed many times that what we did or what we used in the 80's or 90's will come back in vogue again! I wouldn't worry so much about "keeping up with new stuff" as long as you know how to find the information you need. I personally do not receive any nursing publications; I stopped getting them years ago because they seemed so elementary.
  4. by   RNperdiem
    I work at a teaching hospital that has an active nursing practice, research and education department. Our practice changes with new nursing research and our policies are updated and changed every few years.
    Just going to work is a good start in keeping up with healthcare changes.
    For example, the nursing department overhauled its skin care policy a few years ago, and all nursing staff attended inservices on the new policy and the correct use of skin care products for our patients.
    I don't do any online CME credits, but I make sure to go to at least one conference a year.
    I get the American Journal of Nursing magazine. Now I don't remember subscribing to this journal, but as long as it keeps coming, I will keep reading.
  5. by   OCRN3
    Nothing except listen to in services that our hospital does or complete CE credits, at least when I was a floor nurse.

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  6. by   proud nurse
    I do the mandatory online learning modules and inservices at work. There are optional inservices that my job offers with some interesting topics. And I'm part of a graduate nurse residency program that meets 3 hours once a month for the 1st year.
  7. by   Morainey
    I read articles that I find interesting or pertinent on Medscape. I used to get AJN but it's kind of expensive and I didn't get much out of it, TBH.