nursingspectrum down?

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    is that site down?
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    I've had periodic difficulties 'getting on', but am usually able to log on eventually. Today, I can't get on. Don't know if its because of technical problems, high internet traffic or site revision, but there are so many other sites to visit, so I keep busy surfin'
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    I have been having a problem getting on Nursing Spectrum too. The same thing happened one other weekend and it was rectified in a couple of days. Maybe they go over the posts and get info for their paper! LOL
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    Im happy to see I'm not the only one having difficulty getting on that site. Thanks for posting and letting everyone know.
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    I have not been able to get on nursing spectrum also. I have not been able to get on since Friday night. I can get to the magazine articles and such, but am unable to get to the nurse to nurse bullitin board.
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    Yes their site has frequent server problems. Try back in a few days or keep checking back periodically.
    It will be back up......
    ah technology.....
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    Ok, Nursing Spectrum was working for me for a little while. Now I'm getting nothing. Is it just me???
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    Hi Shannon-no I am having trouble again tonight as well. I guess they are really having problems!
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    Just wanted to let ya know that NS is up and running again for me. Might want to give it a try!


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