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So I need help. I've been a nurse for 6 years now. I have a BSN & an MSN and am also a CNM. I've worked 4 years in critical care and the past two years in labor and deliver at a large suburban... Read More

  1. by   kmn0601
    She needs to be failed. I am a recent graduate and if I ever acted this way and avoided doing things like this with my instructor or other nurses I was paired with, I would not have passed the clinical. When I was acquiring new nursing skills in school (still am too) I was a little unsure at times but I always took the opportunity to do so when it was offered. The fact that she is not doing that should turn on bells and whistles in your mind that something is not right with this student.
  2. by   smartnurse1982

    No comment on the OP, but how is it that nursing students(who I assume do not have a license) are able to start IV's?

    When I did clinicals in NYC a student actually got kicked out of the program for placing a urinary catheter in a patient without the instructor giving her permission.

    I remember a nurse I was paired with getting angry because I told her I cannot start an IV without the instructor being there.
    We were given strict rules to observe only.
    We could do basic tasks like bed baths and giving oral meds but nothing else.
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