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this happened here on teusday. The Hospital is on of the 2 county Hospitals, and it is also the hospital thatn delivers the most babies in the country, as well as one of the MAJOR pedi trauma hospitals here. June 5, 2001,... Read More

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    I didn't say "short of staff" and assured the family that ICU was better staffed (sure, only 3:1!) than regular floor. I told them that's why beds were closed...not that the open beds were short-staffed. I explained the nursing shortage as a NATIONAL problem, not my hospital's specific problem (although, of course it is too). I did not imply that the patients were not getting care, only that that was why beds were CLOSED. I do understand liability issues. I think the Houston article explains it that way too.

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    Hi. Zee, I feel you gave a very good broad answer to your patients about the shortage. I don't suggest that any of us would blurt out that our unit or hospital is experiencing staffing shortages. What I do suggest is that there is going to be more inquiry by patients and families who use our services about our staffing levels. We need autonomy to judge how direct or indirect we should be with them.

    Those in the public who pay attention and who care know there is a growing nursing shortage. What we nurses need to do is to get the word out to these people about their role in staff shortages before they need health or medical services. Then they can help us educate those who are not paying attention or don't care.

    Nurses and other health care workers have a responsibility to help patients and families become proactive with their health. The public's increasing codependency on the system due to increasing health care problems is going to lead to bankruptcy of the entire system.

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