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I was reading in the student threads about some of the challenges student nurses are facing these days. I'll admit, I kinda had it good: I lived in the dorm, I had a great roommate, and I was the... Read More

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    Originally posted by kelligrl
    Well, I have eight freakin' days left and seriously, my biggest problem is the MAN that I'm married to. I love him, but could he get any less FREAKIN' supportive?? I swear he's threatened by the whole d**n thing!! Today FLIPPED out because I was supposed to be off Sat., but remembered I had a school thing to do from 8-12. Not even a whole day!!

    I'm thinking he better get over it, real quick....Geez he makes my head hurt.....:stone

    OK, I'm done.

    Oh yeah, and I hated Peds. Making little kids cry sucks.
    THAT SUCKS to hear kelli, i have not started yet, im starting in feb. but i hope my boyfriend isnt like that. hes being supportive now, but i can imagine what your saying - hes probably jealous really, if he cant deal with it, then HE has a problem that you could hopefully resolve, but its not your fault - dont let him get you down!!! 8 days left!!! GOOD FOR YOU GIRL, be proud of yourself and keep your head up!!

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    As a man currently in a nursing program, I'm sorry to hear about Kelligirl's problem. I'm even more sorry to say the scenario is typical.

    Of 9 women in my clinical group, it seems only one has a supportive significant other; three are divorced and the others -- despite kids and housework-- are getting no support. I've read in several periodicals it's a common problem with women in nursing school.

    I've also read a high percentage of woman divorce their man shortly after graduation. Go figure!
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    I can beleive that percentage about divorcing their man p graduation. Last winter (in my first year), my hubby and I nearly killed each other. Was so ready to call it quits, but neither of us could afford to leave each other. This year is easier, so, not as much stress.
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    I am definitely one of the fortunate ones because I had (and still do) a supportive hubby. I would have never made through school without him.

    I hated careplans, geri, ortho, OB, and psych. The skill that was the most difficult for me to learn? Putting on sterile gloves and maintaining sterile technique... Didn't get along too well with ABG's either....

    I enjoyed almost all of my instructors, except the peds/OB instructor. That was the last rotation though, and I knew I was almost done. I really didn't dislike the woman, just wasn't my favorite.

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