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nursing salaries

  1. 0 What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
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    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    I work in Pa State correctional facility and started at $19.75/hr. plus .90 shift diferential

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    i work in a level 2 trauma center. nurses here make the same, whether you work in er or med/surg. we just went to a new system that involves a clinical ladder--sort of... anyway, about $20.50 to $22.00 an hour. night shift makes something like $2.40 an hour extra for shift differential.
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    I work in critical care in NW Alabama. I have beenn an Rn for 12 years. I have a BSN and a CCRN. I work nights. I am paid 16.95 base pay. I get 1.00 extra for unit diff and 2.00 extra for night shift. I am paid no more for education or certification. We recently got a .92 cent across the board raise for Rn's. The docs were told that because of our raise certain capital expenditures would be put on hold. What a lie. Most doctors don't know a thing about budgets or how healthy the bottom line of this hospital is and believed the lies! We only got the raise because we are trying to bring in a union and this was an effort to placate us. My 16.95 is after the raise!
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    I live in Ohio and worked ICU/ICCU and med surg. The pay was the same at 15.76 an hour and .75 shift diff. I have now gone into agency work and make 22.00 Monday through Friday and 23.00 on the weekends, with $8 a day travel pay. Along with that, I have more flexibility and can pick the days I want to work and the hours. It gives me a chance to NOT miss my daughter's school events and to work on building my preventative health care business. Nurses are truly the most underpaid, over-worked and least respected profession around! I got tired of not getting paid for what I'm worth!
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    I am a senior nursing student soon to be graduating. I have been doing my homework in regards to nursing salaries. Salaries highly depend on where you live. I was shocked to hear that in Ohio a nurse makes only $16.00 an hour. I am a CNA and make $13.50 an hour, but then again I live in California (Bay Area). Maybe that is why.In Marin County ICU nurses start at $31.00 per hr, and I believe OR nurses start a few dollars short of that. But I guess us Californians aren't so lucky because over half our salaries go to rent!!
    Take care,
    Nursing Student of California
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    I have to agree with the previous post. Much of it is dependent on where you reside/work. I am moving from the Chicago area to Southwest Missouri and my base pay will be $3 less an hour! But.. the cost of living is less also. It has to be taken into account, your years of being a nurse, your specialty as well as certifications etc. Many non-profit hospitals will pay less and the for-profit may pay higher as is the situation in the suburb I live in now. They are having "pay" wars between the area hospitals to attract nurses from each others' hospital. But I imagine it is pretty much the same everywhere lately...nursing shortage...they have to do something to attract us. Better nurse-to-patient ratios at my new job where I am moving is what attracted me and definitely NOT the salary! It's what makes ME happy and satisfied!
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    This dollar figure might frighten some of you, how about $14.15 an hour. $16.00 sounds pretty good to me. Of course I live in South Dakota where everyone is underpaid. I might also add that $ figure is in the largest city in SD, I'm not sure how much the more rural nurses make here, but I'm sure it's even less than what I make!!

    That's why I'm looking elsewhere. Does any one know how much a nurse makes in AZ, I'm looking at moving there.
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    Hi, saw a question re: RN pay in AZ. I was working as preadmitting nurse, days at a downtown Phoenix hosp and made $17.00 per hour. That was with 13 years experience. Hope this helps. AZ (Phx) is a beautiful place to live (in the winter!).
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    I work in PACU in ME and after 20yrs I'm making $26.00/hr + diferentials. We are experiencing a severe shortage and are expecting another market increse this year. Also looking at a union should be interesting.

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    I live in the Phoenix area and the salaries range from $15.00/hr for new grads to about $28.00/hr. This is base pay without shift and wekend differential. By the way Arizona isn't too sunny rightnow. Its been raining for two days. We are definitely in a nursing shortage. We are even hiring new grads for critical care areas. This includes NyICU.

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    I live in Phoenix and work for a Staffing Agency. The salary is $28-32 an hour depending on where I work. It took a long time to find an agency where I did'nt get cancelled all the time. There are around 40-50 in Phoenix. The flexibility of staffing is great, especially in the desert. It leaves me with a lot of time to enjoy the sunshine and the pool. I have heard some of my friends who work for the hospitals directly say they get between 18 and 21. Come on down! There's a huge shortage here.