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  1. Read this.....

    boy, do I agree with 'maikranz'! nurses are to busy fighting each other to ever be powerful. remember people "united we stand". Imagine if every nurse in the United States walked off their job for one day, one hour even. do you still think your ide...
  2. recruiting and retention of nurses

    I agree with the last statement. Schedules are very important to people. Meeting different requests can be challenging but rewarding in the end. Our floor just started a new thing where people who do more, i.e. charge, orient people, do inservices e...
  3. nursing salaries

    i work in a level 2 trauma center. nurses here make the same, whether you work in er or med/surg. we just went to a new system that involves a clinical ladder--sort of... anyway, about $20.50 to $22.00 an hour. night shift makes something like $2.40 ...
  4. nursing in UAE

    I have thought about this in the past also. Although I really don't know specifics, I can tell you about rumors I've heard. I have heard that the pay is great and that it is tax-free. The main thing I would watch out for is their customs. They tre...
  5. skill question

    first of all, never feel silly or stupid for asking questions in a class. extra education is always good. another class i would recommend is ACLS-advanced cardiac life support. to answer your question though, i was taught in TNCC, that if you could ...
  6. epidural catheters

    I have worked in many areas of my hospital including critical care, and all nurses are allowed to give boluses, change tubing, and adjust the rate per orders. Many times the anesthesiologists have us d/c them too. I would like to know the rationale...
  7. volunteer surgery

    Does anyone know of an organization that supports volunteer, short-term general surgery in a needy country? For example, we'd like to do thyroidectomy's in India for 2 weeks. This is just an example, but I'm having a hard time finding an org. that d...