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  1. MAPalumbo

    Nursing is pathetic...

    Hey nurse dude, why didn't you become a plumber ? instead of complaining get out and do something to change your situation. i have been an RN for 20yrs, it's not about the money maybee that's your problem. i currently make $26./hr + shift diff etc. and am looking forward to a raise. i am also looking forward to going into a crna program. get out of pt care ! increase your education and climb the ladder you have to make the effort to change.
  2. After 22 yrs in nsg i can still say i love my job. i work in an acute care area pacu, the work is fast paced and challenging. i enjoy the high tech environment. i work nights and try to stay out of the politics. i'm maxed out at $25./hr +diff, this is considered excellent pay for the area.
  3. MAPalumbo

    Revolution Magazine

    go to the website for subscription info www.revolutionmag.com goodluck, write back your opinion of mag. thanks margarite
  4. MAPalumbo

    Home Health Care Nursing Notes Efficiency

    I am new to home health however I have dictated reports in the hospital setting and prefer it. It would be much faster to dictate reports rather than filling out foolish forms also I would not have forms to return to the office. It's a good idea.
  5. MAPalumbo

    getting started in w/ nursing career

    Don't waste you're time getting an LPN, there are few jobs and credits will not be transferable to an RN program. Go to an RN associate program 2yrs.
  6. MAPalumbo

    unions for nurses

    Does anyone belong to a union, pros and cons of your experience ? ------------------
  7. MAPalumbo

    nursing salaries

    Hi I work in PACU in ME and after 20yrs I'm making $26.00/hr + diferentials. We are experiencing a severe shortage and are expecting another market increse this year. Also looking at a union should be interesting. ------------------