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Nursing Jobs at Universal Studios

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a nursing student who has an interest in practicing in a non traditional setting. I was looking over the Universal Studios Orlando website and noticed that they hired RN's at the theme park. Does anyone know what the working conditions are like? Also, how does the payscale compare to long term care and a hospital setting?
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    I can't speak for Universal but I applied for Sea World last year PRN when I lived in Orlando and the pay was extremely low, like 25% of what I make on the floor. The work is to basically respond to any medical issues in the park, I think you have an office and do employee health too.
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    Disney World also hires nurses.

    However, I believe you'll probably need at least a year of bedside nursing experience before they'll seriously consider you because the role of theme park nurse tends to be very autonomous.
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    I believe you have to have ER experience too
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    I know Disney is RN with 5 yrs. I looked into it as a former cast member who would love to do that.

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    Thank you all, for the information . It seems that the theme park nursing payscales are substantially lower than that of the local hospitals and longterm care facilities.
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    Does anyone know someone who works at Disney as a nurse I could speak to? I am a Health Occupations student going to a HOSA competition and Disney nurse is what my topic for my poster is. Please Help! Thanks!
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    I heard they are all goofy over there. Bada bing! Late night comedy!
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    mandaglass, the telephone is your friend. I am sure that if you called HR over there you'd get transferred to the right person. If all you get at HR is a recording, keep pushing buttons until you get a live person, any live person, and get transferred.