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Some people would say that the very mention of murderous nurses is unbecoming on a professional nursing forum. In fact, others would say that that this subject is downright distasteful and generates negative attention. However,... Read More

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    I would imagine most serial killers would have such emotional problems as to make finishing nursing school difficult, if not impossible.

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    Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Two nurses' aides who killed at least 5 people in the 1980s. I worked at that facility for about a year and a half--25 years and several management/affiliation/name changes after the murders.
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    I remember watching a TV movie about Genene Jones back in the 80s or 90s. She had been a PICU nurse and she got a thrill when her patients coded so much that she began causing codes to happen. She got away with it for quite a while because she took care of very sick kids, but eventually people became suspicious when her patients seemed to be constantly coding. Instead of an investigation and an arrest, the hospital fired her and recommended her for a job in a pediatric clinic...and like a poster said earlier....she killed a child in for a routine check up!
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    Had to read as I am a investigation discovery fanatic (and anything with crimes)! I just can't understand. I feel bad for poking people with needles... How people go beyond that is crazy to me.
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    Our local newspaper has an archive of all the stories they've published about Charles Cullen:

    <b>STORY ARCHIVE:</b> Charles Cullen Case -

    And this is a link to a Nov. 29 article about settlements from one local hospital:

    St. Luke's settles five cases involving serial killer nurse -
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    I love to read true crime. Found this online: Angels of Death - Nurses, nurses who kill their patients — The Malignant Hero — Crime Library on

    Also, not a nurse, but a doctor, but I read about her in an Ann Rule book: Debora Green - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote from CloudySue
    Also, it's easy to forget that there are always random psychotics in all walks of life. It's a good call to be mindful of what other nurses have in their hands.
    When I worked in psychiatric nursing, I had a saying that not all of the nut cases are on the other side of the desk. I have worked with some bizarre people over the years.
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    I would imagine most serial killers would have such emotional problems as to make finishing nursing school difficult, if not impossible.
    Who's to say it wasn't in nursing school that their emotional problems were conceived?

    Going past my cynical humor, there are currently something like 2 million nurses nation-wide. Going back decades increases that number greatly. The odds of none of them being capable of murder are huge. It's similar to what Shakespeare wrote in Henry V: No king, however just his cause can try it out with all unspotted soldiers.

    Fortunately for our profession, it's still very much a "man bites dog" story when a nurse murders.
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    I've been reading about this lately.

    It seems that a number of nurses who do this sort of thing to their patients do so out of a sort of Munchausen-like desire to aggrandize themselves, they enjoy the rush of saving people and endanger them in order to be given the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, they often are unable to.

    I believe this is the case with the "heparin killer" Petr Zalenka, and at least one of the OB nurses who liked to (hopefully only nearly) kill babies with epi (i think) and bring them back.
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    Many killers are skilled at blending in with society. Don't assume that they are obvious. My son was killed by a trusted, intelligent, seemingly normal person.
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