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Just curious, does the PALS certification include infant recussitation? Meaning, if I am PALS certified, does that mean I'm also qualified to do NRP? I'm getting ACLS/PALS certified through my hospital soon, and I'm just... Read More

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    Can anyone point me to some evidence that supports using NRP in lieu of PALS for the Pediatric ICU setting? We are being required to do this in our Pedi ICU even though we do not float or attend deliveries. I have been told it's because we have from newborns on up in our unit. By in large the majority of disease processes covered in NRP is related to delivery and stabilization. In one of the few studies I have seen there is virtualy no guidence in regards to this topic. You can see it here in PALS vs. NRP
    Infant resuscitation outside the delivery room in neonatal-perinatal and pediatric critical care fellowship programs: NRP or PALS? Results of a national survey | DeepDyve

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    I dont get why people want to do one or the other. Do them ALL. I have PALS,NRP, and ENPC. Each encompasses very different areas of care and are all great knowledge.

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