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I am assured that some of you are reading this and saying to yourselves, "Duh! This topic is old hat. We already know there's a glut of nurses in many parts of the country, so why are you writing about this?" Here is my reason... Read More

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    Quote from nursel56
    The truth is nobody knows what is going to happen, but when you have the foremost nursing workforce experts in the country saying that due to an unexpected surge in young people becoming nurses the nursing workforce will grow at the same rate as the population until at least 2030 you have to pay attention to it.
    So by the time I'm a nursing manager I'll be begging people to come work for me. But I'll bring popcorn.

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    Quote from Stephalump
    Things were so much simpler when we just called 'em all demon-possessed and stoned them to death, eh?

    Ah, the good old days.

    ...making caramel corn! Thanks for the recipe TothepointeLVN!
    Why don't we just call a spade a spade and stop trying to put a positive spin on it?

    If someone is a sorry ass drunk that won't support their family then call them a sorry ass drunk, not some poor soul that is suffering from substance abuse. Some people need a good shake to wake them up not a gentle stroke of their hair.
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    Well if calling them a substance abuse addict takes sympathy away from the real victims then I have a problem with it. Personally I like to use the PC terms because it evokes more empathy from me that calling a spade a spade and I prefer to be empathetic than my normal judgmental self.
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    So by the time I'm a nursing manager I'll be begging people to come work for me. But I'll bring popcorn.
    You should make batches of it in your office if it ever comes to that -- the smell of caramel popcorn is so irresistible the old bats who finally got out of the way will all come back! --- no not that!!!!
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    That's cool I'll just order some walkers and tennis balls
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    Boy, that was alot of posts to read through!

    I have a nurse (LPN) working for me who refuses to believe there is any such shortage at all. I mentioned to her reading about it online, that it isn't like it used to be, that she (or anyone) couldn't just pick up and find a new job down the block. She actually thinks that because we work in a small city and she's used to large cities, THAT'S the reason why nurses are having difficulty finding work. Not a shortage, just a shortage of jobs because we're not in a metropolitan area. And I think she's seriously mistaken.

    She is good at what she does and I have no desire to replace her at all, but I wonder what kind of a shock it'd be for her to find that even in the big cities, she'd not be all that desirable. I suppose it's a selfish streak in me that wishes she could be a tad more thankful she HAS this job and the attitude that "I can get a job in the snap of my fingers" is a bit much! Especially since the rest of the staff seems to have a clue.

    She worked in hospitals at a time when LPNs were commonplace, and now they're a rarity. She's working in an ambulatory/office setting at a time when most LPNs have been replaced by medical assistants. And still she feels she can pick herself up, declare her salary, and have her pick of jobs.

    Not sure whether to feel sorry for her lack of foresight, or envy her lack of healthy fear.
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    ...and here I sit without so much as a kernel of caramel popcorn to my name.

    Truly, a travesty.
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    *tosses a solitary kernel over*

    I think the whole I can quit my job in a blaze of glory and have another one by the afternoon attitude went on so long it's almost unfathomable to those who haven't had to job hunt in a long time to consider they aren't hot stuff anymore.

    I know a couple of actors/nurses who used registry nursing to support their acting "careers" now they are struggling actors AND nurses. They are still ok but can't no longer live the hollywood lifestyle they were used to with fitting work around auditions etc etc.
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    *catches the kernel and wishes for more*

    Well, like I said, I'm not sure whether to envy her feeling of security and desirability or pity her lack of understanding over the current state of affairs. Particularly since she's not only not likely to find another job quickly, but as an LPN, she'd only be finding work at one of our local understaffed nursing homes (in those, there always seem to be openings).

    I guess it's good she's solid with me
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    Do you guys believe people would still want to become nurses if schools did the right thing and told potential students"More than likely,most of you who are graduating will likely end up working in nursing homes or home care?"Reason I'm asking because community based care doesn't pay as well as hospital based nursing.

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