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Everyone has somebody at their job no matter what their profession is that thinks they know everything. I have one such woman in my unit. I understand that everyone has their personality quirks.... Read More

  1. by   himilayaneyes
    Just to give you guys an update. I didn't even bother bringing it up in report to her. I decided it wasn't worth it. Although me and this one other nurse to whome she does the same thing all the time had a nice giggle about it. I definitely agree with one of the posters about working in a pink ghetto.
  2. by   diva rn
    I am so glad you didn't bring it up in report. I felt that you would have been placing yourself on her Good Girl. Just enjoy knowing that if you feel that way about this can bet your bottom that everyone in your unit also feels that way!
    And yes, I also work with someone who is similar...she has been this or that, or knows this person or that person and she exaggerates to the point of lying--so I don't even pay attention anymore...what makes her worse is..she cuts everyone off in mid sentance and just starts talking about a different topic..which of course involves her favorite topic--her!
    I don't even try to talk anymore...if she come into the break room, I actually get up and leave now. It is just so annoying! So I can really empathize with you
  3. by   Roy Fokker
    My big peeve "know it alls" is with unlicensed care givers who talk to patients about their lab results, their condition, procedures, diagnoses, disease processes etc! And no, I'm not talking about providing 'comfort/support' (i.e. "Oh, a CAT scan is just like an xray. It looks like a giant donut and you go in and out, quick as can. Hardly takes 10 minutes." Or "Hey, I see Dr. XYZ for a similar problem too. Don't be so alarmed, it happens to people. If I see your nurse or Dr. ED, I'll let 'em know you have more questions/concerns about your condition".)

    My 'peeve' elevates to "****** off" if said unlicensed personnel do this nonsense blatantly in my presence ... and what's more? Contradict me while in the presence of the patient... (as if that alone wasn't bad enough ) ... with false/incorrect/INCOMPLETE information!

    For example:
    "Oh you're allergic to shellfish? Well you can't have a contrast cat scan then..."
    "But the doctor said that I needed to drink some..."
    *interrupting* "Did you tell the Doctor you were allergic to shellfish? Trust me, if you're allergic, you can't have a CAT scan with IV dye..."

    All this, while I'm standing right there! Getting ready to medicate the pt. with our standard cocktail for 'allergies' because the docs (plural - it was both the ER MD and pts. PMD) were confident that pts. allergy wasn't true (and they were covering it anyway) and besides pt. needed the CT - the differential depended on it.

    Can you imagine the explaining I had to do afterword?

    Yeah, I'm not "denying" that some folks have dealt with a medical condition long enough (or have suffered through it and read enough) to have quite a decent handle on the disease process. BUT there's differences involved here!

    1. Unless you went to med school - just because you're an expert in a certain disease doesn't necessarily mean you'll be an expert in treating said disease.
    2. Don't forget - despite your expert opinion, it may not be your disease - no matter how many signs/symptoms you share. This is why there are Doctors and why we pay them good money.
    3. If you want to act-like/be a PA/NP/RN/MD - go through school and qualify yourself. Until then, please don't presume to be something you are not. I don't presume to "tell my Cardiologist" how to manage my SVT - even though I'm fairly well read up on SVT and other cardiac-arrhythmia.
    4. Lastly - unless it's a question of life or limb (for example - Intubating a pt.: "Doc, I couldn't hear you - 20 of Etomidate and what? Sux or Vecc?") - don't pull the stunt of disagreeing with pt. procedure while the provider is right there! If you got a problem, come talk to ME! You know, the dude whose license you're working under? In PRIVATE! I mean, if you want to pretend to be a professional - at least learn to act like one and give your fellow workers some common courtesy!

  4. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Quote from Nurseinprocess
    My issue is not with other nurses knowing it all, but an uneducated, loudmouthed (and foul!) unit clerk who likes to judge new nurses and make fun of their errors . Would love to critique her sleeping all night, talking on the phone constantly while she sleeps method of doing her job . I guess she has no clue the pressure, stress, and responsibility a nurse has, especially a new one learning the ropes. So she's either sleeping all night, yacking all night, or going off on a tangent about how inadequate we all are, how all the new nurses suck and who goes into nursing to just work contingent?? (me !). I'd love to record one of her rants and play it back for all the people she disses who aren't there to defend themselves. F this, F that. Very professional .
    dang! I think that we are working on the same unit! Sheesh.