New Grad open house - helps or not worth it

  1. There's an open house for new grads coming up for one of my preferred hospitals, unfortunately it's quite far away, in the evening, and I have clinical the following morning. To attend, I will need to fly there and back the same day. Does going to one of these type of events really help? I have been told that the new grad market where I live (and in that area too) is quite fierce and that anything to help market myself would be a good idea. Should I bring my resume? What would be the most appropriate attire? Do you think it would it be worth it to fly down? This is probably my second choice hospital and the chances of me getting into my first choice are slim to none.
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  3. by   quinnie50
    it might help if you went to the event because it is just one hospital...i recently went to a job fair and literally cryed on the way home in the many people competing for really no available advice to you is to make any kind of connection that you can..i would definately look professional, but not too over the you have any nursing assistant or extern experience...wish i really is hard to find a job..but keep the faith and be positive
  4. by   rubystar
    It will probably show that you are eager to work there as opposed to trying to get yourself any old job. When I start interviewing I plan to try and include the fact that I went to an open day at the hospital I want to work at so that I seem like I really want the position and have done my homework. I'm so glad I'm not in the US job market though, I don't know how you guys cope with few grad positions.
  5. by   RN1982
    What logical person would miss the opportunity to go to an open house? GO
  6. by   skinnymelt
    Where is this so-called nursing shortage? It seems there aren't as many
    openings as there are applicants looking for a job.
  7. by   barefootlady
    Could you discuss this "open house" with your instructor and go in to clinicals a little late?
    I agree with the other posters, if this is your chosen facility and the job market is tight, go and make the most of the time you are there. Good luck.
  8. by   jla623
    I would absolutely go. They will most likely be choosing their favorites out of the people that showed up to the open house and interviewed. If you really can't go, I would try to set up an interview on another day. If you don't interview, you probably won't get the job. Since they do the interviews on the spot at most of these, it would probably be in your benefit to go.
  9. by   Aneroo
    I would speak to your instructor about the time and if you can be flexible in the clinical time.

    If not, call up a nursing recruiter at the hospital you'd like to go to, and see if you can speak to some nurse managers on another day. That may work to your benefit, since it'd be just you, instead of you and 200 other eager nursing students.
  10. by   kadell
    I was just offered a postion from an open house (NM called me to interview/shadow after we chatted at the open house)-- so it was worth it to me in a tight new grad market
  11. by   kadell
    and yes, bring a resume, look professional, and be confident.

    good luck.
  12. by   hatingthewaiting
    Quote from kadell
    I was just offered a postion from an open house (NM called me to interview/shadow after we chatted at the open house)-- so it was worth it to me in a tight new grad market
    Where was this? How long after the open house did you get the call? Were there a lot of people at the open house? Approx how many?
  13. by   kadell
    there were over 600 at the open house. (very large hospital)

    Open house was in late Feb, interviewed 1.5 weeks later, I just got the formal offer last week