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This is my first year applying for the NELRP but I have known about it for about 3 years, I just recently got a job at a facility they recognize. I was wondering if anyone here has applied before and is the process really as... Read More

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    Hi, I applied like many of you to the NELRP program, but I forgot about it until this past week. I randomly logged into the HRSA portal and saw that I needed to take action. My status had changed from under review to finalist for award. Additionally, I had to choose between Health Corp or Nurse Corp. Since NELRP is 60% of total loans, vs. 60k for two years, I opted to choose NELRP and was then asked to submit routing and bank account number. Since I chose Nurse Corp, my Health Corp application has now been declined and the current status says award declined.

    Funny thing is, if I hadn't checked I would've never known. I searched my google mail and found initial NELRP action required notification June 12, f/u email sent June 17 with deadline June 19. I have received all other HRSA emails regarding application deadlines and webinars.

    As of now, my current status for Nurse Corp states: Accepted Award- Under Final Review. Hope this goes through!

    Stats: Tier 1, NP, FQHC: 14 Debt:Salary 2.75:1
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    I am faculty tier 2, 195% debt to salary ratio, I have a credit check but application says under review, no email yet....any other faculty gotten emails?
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    I am faculty as well- tier 2- 67% debt ratio- no word yet. I am still under review. Any other faculty heard yet?
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    A few days ago I was randomly checking my SPAM box & found an email from! that says "Action Required" - sure enough when I signed on it asked me for my bank account routing # and electronic signature for intent to accept award. Now my status says "Accepted Award- Under Final Review" I am sooo stinking excited, I did the happy dance at work & everyone thought I was losing it... if they only knew this is my 2nd year applying & I've been so discouraged in the past.

    Keep the faith people! God is good!
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    I've noticed that everyone who has responded about getting an email or anything is an NP. Has any nurses heard anything? From reading the posts from last year the NPs heard info first. I guess because they have so much set aside for NPs. Congrats all who have heard something!!! I really pray we ALL get it!!:-) Maybe they got some extra money from somewhere.
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    Yay Charstar and AddyRN. That looks positive!
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    Hi guys... I also received an email. I am an RN tier 1 about 200% ratio. This is my second year applying. The email went to my spam folder so check you spam daily, it is time sensitive. Adding no to you email address book might help it go to your regular inbox. I know this email doesn't guarantee anything 100% but I really hope this means I have help headed my way! I haven't heard of anyone getting this email, responding in time, and not receiving the award has anyone else?
    Good luck to everyone awaiting emails!!! This is such a stressful process for something we all could use!
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    I applied and just got the email Your overall application status is: Accepted Award - Under Final Review, I signed the contract. I have followed previous years threads and this seems to be we are moving along much quicker than last year. I am and RN- Tier 1, HPSA Score of 19, 185% Debt Ratio, I was not sure how excited to get by this email? I am a wreck waiting for all these months, I know it sounds crazy but this program would help me so much get out of debt for my family, this debt keeps us from getting a home loan.
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    Do you know why you did not get it last year? I assume you are in the top with high debt ration and tier 1. I am and RN tier 1, ration 185%, HPSA score of 19.
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    Have you received anything sicne then? I just received that same email today and was not sure how excited to get on my actual chances of getting the award.

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