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I have only been a nurse for 4 years. Spent 1st 3 years on Med/Surg, and the past year in critical care stepdown. I have been asked to orient new grad RN's. Although I am honored that my managers feel I have so much to offer,... Read More

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    As a new grad who just started training, I would recommend sitting down at the end of each shift (even when it is busy) and going over the day, Always START & END with something positive. We never go over anything and I have no idea if I am doing well or terrible. My preceptor is a great nurse, but does not always have a lot of patience. It takes me a long time to do meds etc, and this clearly annoys her. I understand that, but I dont want to make mistakes. Some days I go home and feel awful and dread the next day and other days I go home thinking I am going to get this and do ok. I get no feedback. Ever. As a newbie, I am so filled with doubt and I do not trust myself at all right now. I need some reassurance when I am doing something correctly. I also need to know when I am not. I am a big fan of the see one, try one type of learning. I like to see how you would do it first, then I would like to try. Then I want to try again.

    I guess my best advice is to be patient, we are slow in the beginning. Give feedback when the newbie does something new, but try to stay positive even if they need work. Try to end every day on a good note.

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