Need help finding maternity scrub pants

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    I can't stand a draw string waist. I need side pockets. I want the kind that go UNDER the belly, as opposed to over the belly. I bought a pair that go over the belly, and I have to pull them up over my boobs to about my armpits to keep the crotch from sagging in the knees, and me walking on them. I wear a size M short, normally. I want the color white. I tried just getting elastic waist pants in a size larger, but they are still too tight in the waist, and look way too big in the legs. Does anyone have any links to where I can find pants that I want???

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    I'm so short my waistband is pulled up pretty high too. What I did was pull them up and then roll the waistband down to where I wanted them. But that's with a non-preggers belly, I don't know if that would work with a preggers one.
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    if you sew, or know someone that does, try checking out a sewing store, they used to make a "panel" of stretchy material to use in the front of should be able to cut out the front of pants that you buy and put that in.....good luck
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    If you can find a seamstress, they can cut out an area & make the panel that has that stretchy material....unless you don't want that type.......
    how about googling it on the web?????? Good Luck
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    I really can't help you too much, but I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have just been using my regular elastic waist pants that does have side pockets rolled down under my belly. I haven't had much luck locating any maternity pants that go under the belly, all the ones I have seen go over the belly. Good luck with your pregnancy and your search! :spin:
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    i got mine from I last saw them on sale for $4.99 there, I think they might be going out of business or something. They are the kind that go over the belly, but I just scrunched the fabric down under my belly and it was fine. They are 100% cotton though, so they do get wrinkly, but they were really comfy too. Good luck!
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    I got mine from I really like them!

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