Need help finding maternity scrub pants

  1. I can't stand a draw string waist. I need side pockets. I want the kind that go UNDER the belly, as opposed to over the belly. I bought a pair that go over the belly, and I have to pull them up over my boobs to about my armpits to keep the crotch from sagging in the knees, and me walking on them. I wear a size M short, normally. I want the color white. I tried just getting elastic waist pants in a size larger, but they are still too tight in the waist, and look way too big in the legs. Does anyone have any links to where I can find pants that I want???
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I'm so short my waistband is pulled up pretty high too. What I did was pull them up and then roll the waistband down to where I wanted them. But that's with a non-preggers belly, I don't know if that would work with a preggers one.
  4. by   morte
    if you sew, or know someone that does, try checking out a sewing store, they used to make a "panel" of stretchy material to use in the front of should be able to cut out the front of pants that you buy and put that in.....good luck
  5. by   KellieNurse06
    If you can find a seamstress, they can cut out an area & make the panel that has that stretchy material....unless you don't want that type.......
    how about googling it on the web?????? Good Luck
  6. by   RN and Mommy
    I really can't help you too much, but I am 34 weeks pregnant and I have just been using my regular elastic waist pants that does have side pockets rolled down under my belly. I haven't had much luck locating any maternity pants that go under the belly, all the ones I have seen go over the belly. Good luck with your pregnancy and your search! :spin:
  7. by   Idiopathik
    i got mine from I last saw them on sale for $4.99 there, I think they might be going out of business or something. They are the kind that go over the belly, but I just scrunched the fabric down under my belly and it was fine. They are 100% cotton though, so they do get wrinkly, but they were really comfy too. Good luck!
  8. by   MadisonsMomRN
    I got mine from I really like them!