Need Easy RN school Ny or Jersey

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    Hi its my first time posting....Bu u guys seem to have every answer so im going to be real open.

    I am currently a Nurse Techician and im going back to school for RN. Now i have credits and bla blah...n i have been checking out this school is Jersey i went there for semester but now i realize that its extremely hard n 5000per course.. so i fell back...So guys i need a school that is a Good..Not so extremely diffuclut to the point u cnt graduate..Not som much unneccessary math. All i could think of is becoming an RN.. its my dream now...but i ma not sure where to Go...Im from Broolyn NY..but i will go wherever U know That is Great..Please Help......Please Help Please Help...:

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    Im depending on u guys.......
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    I don't actually think the words "easy" and "nursing school" go together. As a wise man once said - I never promised it'd be easy - I promised it'd be worth it.
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    Truth is you won't find an easy nursing school. It doesn't exist. NS is tough and should be. That doesn't mean you can't do it but you will need to spend almost all free time studying while in school.

    You might be able to get into a community college where you won't pay 5k per semester but it will still be tons of math, science, homework, clinicals, etc. There's just no way around it.

    While you are on wait list and chances are good you will wait to get into a cc nursing school I would get tutoring help in math if that is your weak point. Taking an additional class in this area could help as well.
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    Well Not easy per say but not extremely diffucult to the point 200 people out the first class doesnt make it because they make it difficult...
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    Quote from firefightingRN
    I don't actually think the words "easy" and "nursing school" go together. As a wise man once said - I never promised it'd be easy - I promised it'd be worth it.
    I'd have to agree with the's hard. It was worth it.

    Community college usually costs less...

    If it was too easy, you wouldn't be getting the training and education you NEED to have to be an RN.
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    all nursing schools are difficult and they should be. only about 1/2 of our original class graduated.
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    When you find an easy nursing school, let me know...

    And when you find that "easy" nursing school, you better check out how many students are passing their NCLEX licensing exams.

    There are schools that make it easier on their students to pass but in the end when they need to pass the NCLEX to become an RN, they have a tough time with it.
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    Maybe you could consider looking into an LPN program rather than the RN route for the time being. This type of program is not college class oriented-so if you are worried a lot about math, etc. then maybe this program would better suit you (at least for the time being) Most LPN programs are cheaper than RN programs (unless you are talking private schools) but most offered at technical schools are fairly inexpensive. I'm currently in one now, and it's rougly 4000 for the whole program. I'd like to pursue the RN route someday but for now this suits me best. I have a four year undergraduate degree and have taken micro, A&P etc. at the college and community college level and they are difficult. Not saying LPN will be easy, of course not, but might be a better way to start out if you are concerned about RN school being too difficult. I personally think it'd be easier to learn as an LPN and get that really down pat and then move into a RN program with at least a base nursing knowledge gained from LPN school. Just a thought! Good Luck to you!:icon_roll
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    Ok guys let me Rephrase thatnot "EASY"... i mean Not difficult to get In rather...Like NO NLN...No Entrance or Not as difficult as the rest..Not meaning the work itself.....

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