Nebulizer treatment

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    My husband who is sick, received a breathing trmt. at the Dr.'s. He says the solution was green. I've never given a green colored breathing trmt. Does anyone have any idea what it was?

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    I think serevent only comes in a diskus.
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    What about calling them and asking?
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    I'm not going to call them. I know they are busy. Even though it's my husband those hippa laws make it so they don't like to convey info. If they are really busy taking care of pts, I know it is an inconvenience to stop and answer questions like this. I just thought someone might know something about green neb solution. But now that I start to think about it, maybe My Husband just though it was green and maybe the plastic reservoir for solution was green. Thanks everyone.
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    You could call your pharmacy and ask them if there's a neb tx that's green in color.
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    The only one's I've seen are clear, didn't the doc give him the name of the med to add to the neb machine?
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    hi, I am a respiratory therapist...working towards my RN...
    I do not know of any medications that are green and I have been an RT for over 11 years. I do know that the nebulizer's that we use at the hospital I work at changed this past year (manufacturer) and now, instead of clear nebs, the bottom half are now a bluish green color, this could cause the fluid to appear a green color I suppose. I never looked at it that way. I will next time I give one though.
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    ask husband if the whole container appeared green or if the green only went part way up........i suspect you and the
    RT that answered are correct, it is the container itself that is least he was paying attention!
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    Yep, our neb thingys are green. Never seen anything but clean fluid and we've been doing rep treatments as nurses in LTC for the last 12 yrs or so.

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