My RANT on the state of Nursing in my neck of the woods - page 2

my "rant" on the state of nursing in my neck of the woods: in the past year or so, i feel like i constantly have to be on the defense, defending myself and my work to the manager and... Read More

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    If you could possibly change the font size of your post, you could get responses from nurses over 40 too!

    Sorry to ask for an accommodation - I'm old
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    I am only 37 and after reading at work all day I just can not read that font size. My poor eyes just can not take it.
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    As the saying goes, "The beatings shall continue until morale improves." Hope things get better for you.
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    Your situation is similar to mine. My manager was my aide 3 years ago. Took her 3 times to pass boards, but at least she was a decent nurse on the floor. Another nurse I worked with who READ BOOKS while the rest of us went crazy trying to answer call lights is now in charge of Utilization Review. No one cares what you know or how well you take care of your patient; all they are interested iin is getting the patient out of the hospital as quickly as possible-whether they are ready to leave or not. Most of our aides are PRN (saves $$$ on benefits) and are not knowledgeable or motivated to take care of the patients. Staffing is adjusted every 4 hours with no regard for the fact that a planned dismissal is still there and still needs to be taken care of. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. What can we do to enact change?
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    OP - I think you may receive more responses if you posted in a larger font. I can't read your post, even with my new glasses!
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    Oh my!!! I could have written your post!!! Everything you wrote has come out of my mouth at one time. We must work in the same place.

    Where I work the administration is so he!!-bent on getting rid of our union that they have instituted tons of rules. The rules conflict and you are darned if you do and darned if you don't. Every other sentence out of administration's flurry of memos reads "you will be disciplined if...". Morale is at an all time low. Without the tools and staffing to provide good care, it is a matter of time before the lawsuits start. (You aren't even allowed to say their name in any public place or use it in any private emails or writings or you will be disciplined. So it is referred to by something closely associated with it.)

    It isn't having the effect they want. Nurses are sticking together because we know it would be much worse without the union.

    I feel bad for the public. They don't have a clue. I won't go and I will not let my family go to my own hospital for care now. Not because the nurse's don't try, but because I know they don't have the tools and staffing to do what they need to do. And I know the nurses have an eye on the time clock because they have to be punched out by 20 after the hour or they will be written up. I was written up because a lady went into respiratory distress at 10 after and I had to assist with the intubation and do my charting. I asked my boss if next time I should let the patient die but punch out on time. Of course you can get written up insubordination for asking a question like that. (Is Joint Commission even looking at stuff like this or are they too busy checking to make sure the papers are in order?)

    This administration will run this hospital into the ground yet.
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    sigh.... your words are so true

    management "if you don't like it just leave..."

    staff.."here is my resignation"

    management "you'll all have to work short until we hire more staff"

    staff... "sigh, again"

    management "we have 11 new grads starting, you'll all have to train them, and they won't be trippled for 6 months the experienced nurses will be, and those exp. nurses will do charge and precept and mentor our new staff all while trippling and taking the sickest patients. If you treated the new staff well, they wouldn't leave in droves!"

    staff.... :

    staff... "here is my resume..."

    management "why can't we keep staff? ... it's those nurses complaining eating their young.. Institute a zero tolerance behavior policy and write up anyone!"

    staff... "here is my resume....."

    management "why do nurses keep quiting?"

    Management hasn't learned that the beatings can continue all they want... BUT MORALE WILL NOT IMPROVE !

    ah well, a day in my life. I think we work in the same facility and unit. If you're in NC, I'll laugh my hind end off.
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    Font size was increased for easier reading.
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    "...staff note: font size changed from 1 to 3 for easier reading."

    thank you !!
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    You're welcome.

    Any of you who find a post difficult to read because of font size or color, feel free to report it so staff can make changes. We're happy to do this if someone tells us there is a need.
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