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My Awesome Experience!

  1. 24 Two weeks ago yesterday I went into the hospital for total knee replacement. I was looking forward to having this done to finally be rid of all the pain I had in that knee from RA. As I told my husband, "At least the pain after surgery will mean things are healing. The pain I have now is just aggravating." I expected to have pain after surgery but was a bit anxious about the fact I'd have to take some heavy duty pain meds because I have a history of alcoholism.

    Imagine my amazement when I had almost no pain after surgery! Within 6 days after surgery I was off narcotics & walking without a walker or cane! My PT is still amazed at how much I can do so soon.

    Today I saw the surgeon, got my staples removed, was released to go back to work this Friday, & told I can drive again (it was my right knee so I was concerned about when I could drive).

    In the hospital, I was fortunate enough to be on a unit where all they care for is joint replacement patients. The nurses & CNA's were absolutely fantastic! Both nights I was there I was awake all night because I work night shift & don't normally sleep during the night. As busy as they were at night, the nurses took time to come in & chat with me just for the heck of it. The day I was discharged, the day nurse knew I wouldn't be leaving until evening & that the evening nurse didn't normally work that unit. She gave me all of my discharge teaching & everything I would need at home so the nurse who isn't that familiar with the unit wouldn't have to be burdened with it. That is what I call going above & beyond to help not only your patient but a coworker.

    I wish everyone could have this great an experience as a patient & I'm so grateful to have had such an easy time with this surgery & recovery!
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    Yaaaay! So glad the surgery was so successful. Sounds like you were a great candidate, both physically and emotionally :-D

    Hope it continues to work out so well for you!
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    My wife had chronic knee pain for 12 years that wasn't taken seriously due to her age (early teens up until last year, age 25). After 2 surgeries that didn't do much and a steroid shot that did more harm than good, her final surgery (thankfully not a TKR) was expected to lay her out for a full 6 weeks. But on day 2 she was without pain and walking around!

    It's amazing how much a difference actually *fixing* the problem can make, I only wish everyone with chronic pain was able to have the same wonderful experiences as you and she did!
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    I recently went and stayed overnight with a friend in the hospital after elective surgery. She had been telling the nurses all day how her friend, the RN would be coming in. I was super sweet, didn't ask for anything, nodded and smiled alot. In fact, the only thing I said to the poor lady was what a beautiful unit they had, such nice furnishings, fixtures. The poor day nurse was totally intimidated, obviously following every procedure to the nth degree, explaining and educating, explaining and educating. I didn't mean to upset her!
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    Happy to hear a great story. I wonder if you'll get a survey? Probably not.

    Enjoy that new knee.
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    Quote from emtb2rn

    Happy to hear a great story. I wonder if you'll get a survey? Probably not.

    Enjoy that new knee.
    Actually, I already did get the survey & I gave them excellent ratings for everything but the food! I also spoke with the unit manager on the phone before the survey arrived & let her know her entire team is superb.