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You had two simple requests of me, a drink of water, and to go home. I had started out my shift on high note, caring for my two favorite cardiac patients, working with some of my favorite co-workers. It was going to be a good... Read More

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    kudos's and accolades to you and anyone else who works in peds this is a field i could never handle. i'll stick with geriatrics, i will always remember fondly the nurses that were there for the nightmare of my child's death and i hope they shine their halo's daily. because they deserve them.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. The beauty of nursing is that every facet of the population is served. It looks as though you have found your niche. I'm better suited for the adult population and my sister, also an RN, serves women's services/Nursery well. Sounds like you will have a blond cherub looking over your shoulder. :angel2:

    Thanks for all you do for families. Stay strong.
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    I was so moved by your story. I have a newfound respect for you and all other nurses who have the courage to work with our littlest angels. God bless you for sharing your loving kindness.
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    i'm a nicu nurse and any loss is hard. the kids, don't think i could handle it. thank God for nurses like you. thanks for sharing your story.
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    This is the 3rd post I read, all made me tear.....
    You are a great nurse!
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    I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You are wonderful. *hugs*
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    wonderfully written! god bless you for having the courage and ability to work in pediatrics...and then the ability to share such a sad story. the loss of a child is the most crippling kind of loss. having lost a child, i could never work peds and am thankful for those who can.
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    WOW! you are very brave... that experience is really hard to forget.
    That little boy is very fortunate to have you taking care of him and to give support to his parents... he will forever be alive in your heart.
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    Thank you. I just have tears streaming down my face. Probably part of it is the fact that I've got a 5 year old boy. But thank you for being there. I've worked Peds, but general floors, not PICU/NICU, because I knew I couldn't handle it. Bless you.
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    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a blesing it was to the child's family that you were there with them. That they wanted to bathe and dress him was wonderful. How special that they had that last time to say goodbye.
    I was teary eyed when i finished reading it .....
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