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Now I know this may seem rather morbid to some. It really isnt meant to be. But as nurses some of the issues we have to face are the decisions that patients and families have made for the end of their life. This is a poll of what... Read More

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    Honey, there is NOTHING like a N'awlins funeral. What a celebration of life!!!

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    Actually this is NOT a morbid topic to me. I had to take End of life prior to getting into the nursing program, and spent a whole semester of Fridays having these discussions.

    I want to donate everything they can use except my eyes. I know its weird, but I don't want anyone to have my eyes. Then I want to be cremated. I do NOT want a funeral. Instead I want a celebration at some place cozy (like someones home) with good music, liquor, and great food. My family can pretty much decide what to do with my ashes with certain boundries. I do not want them buried, and I don't want them to go into the ocean. They can keep me, split me up between each other, or sprinkle me in someplace that means something to them. I think it would be nice to be sprinkled in a garden or under a tree that is close to my family so they could visit me occasionally.
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    having just had my partner Pauls funeral on 29th December, I would agree that a funeral is for those left behind. we are both Wiccan, and I would have liked a wiccan funeral but his parents are christian and the funeral was for them as much as anything. so we compromised. no hymns.. a wiccan chant in the middle and the Jacksons 'blame it on the boogie' at the end.

    it has made me think long and hard about my funeral and I will write down my wishes.. want it to be a party and a celebration of my life, not my death. so they can play 'another one bits the dust' by queen and some dance music.. because i will be with Paul dancing again. so have a party, celebrate, no dark clothes.. lots of laughter, and food.. I may even write down the words i want read out.

    this is an interesting thread.. and though its made me cry to read it, it has given me much to think about!

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    Death is not morbid; it is a fact and something we can all agree on....it will touch each and everyone of us.

    As a Muslim, I will be buried (assuming body is intact), in two pieces of white cloth called a shroud. If I am still working in Saudi Arabia and die here then I will be buried in a simple Islamic manner. First washed in a prescribed manner, wrapped in my shroud, prayed over in special prayer called the 'Janazah' in the mosgue, taken to the grave yard and laid in a grave by relatives or close friends (brothers in Islam). The body is placed in a carved out area facing the Qiblah or the direction of prayer all Muslims face which is toward Makkah. Then the sand will be placed on top of the body all the while those in attendance will be making supplications to Allah for me and on my behalf and being reminded of their own death to come. This is one of the reasons to attend the funeral. Another reason is that it is one of the 5 rights that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said every Muslim has over another. One of the rigths is to attend his (her) funeral. The reality of death is brought home in this manner.

    Also, there is no embalming in Islam unless a Muslim is in a country that it is ordered by law. If a casket must be used, it is a simple wooden box. Nothing fancy, which frankly, saves a family thousands of dollars reducing what is often a financial burden. Finally, we are buried the day of the death (unless an autopsy must be done for legal reasons). Autopsies are otherwise unlawful in Islam.

    There are no raised head stones and all graves look the same. Nothing fancy, no flowers, etc. It is also not permitted to step on the grave.

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