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    malpractice ins

    Hi Mikethenurse, the date of my orginal posting was 1/09 since then I have called NSO to clarify coverage as I have gotten 2 renewal notices BUT I was in NO WAY comforted by the person I was talking to. She did not seem to know that coverage was initially cancelled for corrections nurses but then reinstated. I have made the decision not to renew with that company. Hope this helps. With any concerns/questions you have about your policy please call the 1 800 # and get the correct answers. I should have but didn't ask for a superviser. Joan
  2. Steristripqueen

    Rome State School?

    Hi everyone, Contact the Oneida County Historical Society for more info. on just where old records are kept. Their contact number is 315 735 3642 or write them at 1608 Genesee St. Utica NY 13502 Good luck finding any info.. Not sure if the court house in Rome NY would have old records for that time. The historical sociey should be able to point you in the right direction. Also don't forget that in that time record keeping was not a priority like today but hopefully you can get answers. Do let the us know if you make progress. Joan
  3. Steristripqueen

    Dangers of Labeling Inmates - Stories Sought

    I have had a few incidents in which I was convinced the inmate was faking BUT thankfully I followed through with immediate MD eval. or telemed but I still felt very bad for thinking that the inmate was faking.
  4. Steristripqueen

    Prison nursing

    eighteen years later I still have not gotten used to that gate closing behind me! LOL
  5. Steristripqueen

    corrections is fantastic!!!

    If you have excellent nursing assessment skills and looking for a challange corrections is the place to be. Corrections is a whole different world but also not that different for patient care. No one nurse comes off from the private sector and instantly have a full understanding of inmates or the State ways. I have been in corrections for just over 18 yrs and I am STILL learning and encountering new ploys used by inmates. You have to be flexible and open minded and really listen/participate to the facility training modules. Hopefully you have a 'old timer RN' to orientate you properly so that the shock of dealing with inmates is minimal. Today at work I was talking with RN's who do OT at other jails and they mentioned how mean those nurses were to them. So unfortunatly nurses still are eating their young if you will. I hate that saying but it's the reality where I am. I LOVE having a new nurse orientate with me and passing on some of my trials and tribulations but unfortunatly that not always the case in corrections or in the private sector. If nothing else give it a try you can always move on and get out of nursing in corrections. Hope this helps to answer your questions/concerns.
  6. Steristripqueen

    Ok...fellow CO nurses

    dont' forget to mention that you actually get bathroom breaks and get to eat! LOL
  7. Steristripqueen

    New York State Correction Department Nurses Overtime Pay

    Nurses do apply to work with DOCS BUT for what ever reason they don't stay! In my area of NY DOCs NO ONE is lined up at the door looking for a job. The ones that do apply are done so as a favor for someone they know in DOC's. I can only think that the person applying that their family/friends ?? talk them out of working in corrections. I don't get it as in corrections you know exactly what you are dealing with. On the outside maybe you are dealing with someone on parole but don't know it? As far as the controversy goes I understand both sides of it. I work with a nurse who works 7 days a week and the OT is 24 hrs on the weekend she's not working. 8 hrs on her RDO's during the week. To be honest I do NOT feel safe working with this nurse. She is moody and has made frequent mistakes. But like others have commented it's more cost eff. than an agency nurse. Just my observations.
  8. Steristripqueen

    Would you reccommend correctional nursing?

    Hi, Correctional nursing is difficult for several reasons; you need to have exceptional assessment skills, independent thinking, and deal with non medical people on a continual basis (security and administration and on occassion visitors) telling you how to do your job. The challenge is a big one but personally rewarding. You also need to have a thick skin so to speak. Also be a step ahead of the inmate games if you will. I think it takes a special nurse to be in corrections and one that can focus independently but yet be there for their coworkers who can be in trouble. I would not recommend this kind of nursing to new grads. as there is alot of lives depending on them (inmates and coworkers); that is overwhelming enough and alot of pressure for a new grad. I am going on 19 yrs with corrections and the only thing I find difficult is dealing with a non nursing administration. Hope this helps any decisions you are having to make.