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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...........I am HOT under the collar. I just spent a little while over at that *#@!! 'student doctor network' bb, and I was soooooooooooooo ****** at all the 'nurses are stupid' comments over there. Okay,... Read More

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    Yeah, I know you're right. And hoolahan too. ~sigh~ I haven't/won't go over there and register and post. Number one I doubt I could post anything really 'stellar' in the logical debate neighborhood right now, number two it's a waste of time and energy...they'll learn.

    I saw ONE doc to say something to the effect of requesting they stop nurse bashing, however, I must admit I wasn't really reading some of that thread (8 pages!!) in detail. That halothane guy is a reaaaaaaal butthead. Fedupnurse, I hope he's at your hospital too....and he gets chewed up and spit out.

    I guess the reason I'm so ticked is just because like the title of this thread states, I guess I was just sheltered. I honest to God didn't think there were so many student docs/residents who felt that way about nurses, especially in the midst of a shortage. Yes, I know.....naieve. Reason # 5,782 why Shay could never do psych....I give people too much! :chuckle

    Oh, well. I'm cooled off now. I take comfort in the fact that I know full well when those little kiddies get their feet wet and flash that attitude for the first time in the REAL medical world, it's gonna be one helluva fireworks show.

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    You can figure that the most active posters over there are spending a correlational amount of time not studying or sleeping when they should be! Let the jerk post away! It just means he has less time to study. I don't know many residents who have time to post ANYWHERE if they are keeping up with themselves!
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    hoolihan...i was only kidding bout feeling violated...i really wouldnt care if they came here or not.
    and yes i have seen time and time again on this board..."stupid doc"
    but thats ok cos this is OUR place to vent. we all know that one day some "stupid" nurse is going to save his azz
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    Trust me! When they come in with a tude, they get more than they bargain for. Most learn quickly! We can make your life heaven or hell, your choice!!
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    I'm no fan of arrogant doctors, but how do you suppose they'd feel if some of them visited this site and read the *very* frequent doc-bashing that goes on here? Probably about the same as you do reading comments by a few ignorant med students. Even med students are entitled to their opinions, wrong as we might think they are. Their education obviously is still vastly incomplete....
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    Catlady, I don't see a whole lot of ignorant blanket statements about dr.'s being "stupid and uneducated" here tho. That is the difference. WE bring up REAL LIFE SITUATIONS and the MISTAKES they have MADE, but no one here makes ignorant blanket statements about dr's and other professionals here that I HAVE SEEN. We even "bash" our own selves when the situations present themselves. We acknowledge we are not perfect and have things to learn. Do they? There IS A DIFFERENCE here, as anyone can see.

    They over at the "Dr. Wannabe board" obviously have NO experience working w/nurses or are too stupid to learn from them, YET. Tough for them. I almost would feel sorry for them. They will either buy a clue or sink. I have seen many a resident eaten alive by a nurse when displaying a 'tude like that in the "real world" It really is simple as this. I am not visiting there again cause those arrogant buttheads make me laugh and spill my coffee all over myself. rofl......
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    It's like I used to tell the med students with attitudes I came across...

    "I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... YOU CHOOSE!"
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    well said las vegas
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    Most of these guys (and gals) start out as pretty nice people, but somewhere in med school they give 'em a class called 'THOU ART GOD 121' and they're ruined from there!

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