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  1. 0 am studying for upcoming math quiz. did I do this right
    patient getting heaprin drip and pump is set at 25 ml/hr, concentration of heparin is 25,000units in 500 ml
    What is the current dose in units/hour
    I got 1250 units of heparin per hour

    my math is so bad
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    Yes, you are right. The answer is 1250 units of heparin per hour
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    I got the same, but maybe my math is bad as well! I really think your answer is correct
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    25000 U/500 mls x 25 mls/1 h = 1250 U/hr

    Yes looks like you have the correct answer. I always use deminsional analysis to figure the problem.
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    Never mind what I said, I thought I read 250,000.
    So I read it wrong. You are correct.
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    easiest way to calculate would be to reduce the concentration of heparin into units/ml

    So, if you have 25,000 U in 500mL, knock off the common zeros (2 of them) to make 250 U in 5mL & then divide 250/5=50. That makes it 50 U per mL.

    Once you have the Units per mL, you can easily calculate any pump setting.

    For your case, 25 mL per hour would have you multiplying 25 (for the mL) times the 50 Units per mL to equal the 1250 units per hour.
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    great work! you were right. the answer is 1250.