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I am a fourth year student in a BSN program. Today, in my leadership class we were discussing malpractice insurance. I am curious, how many RNs carry their own malpractice insurance? Why or why not?... Read More

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    I have it will not work without it. No need to say why, the other poster sum it up well

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    This discussion covers all you need to know, including why the people who say your employer will cover you is fine are wrong, or that lawsuits only go after deep pockets is nonsense.
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    Excellent advice on on that link GrnTea, thank you for taking the time to spread your wealth of knowledge!
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    How much are most student plans (e.g., through NSO)?
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    So NSO seems to be the best? I am a new grad; more or less how much is this insurance per year?
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    Quote from EMEddie
    So NSO seems to be the best? I am a new grad; more or less how much is this insurance per year?
    I paid 50$ or so for my first year, I believe it discounts your first year 50%.
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    The prices depend on your current work status PT or FT. I paid for FT although I don't work FT. I paid for FT just in case I pick up extra shifts that put me in FT position liability. Just a piece of mind to have.
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    Wow, thank you all so much!! I honestly had not even considered carrying my own until we talked about it in class. I didnt know it was so common among nurses! Now, I am definitely going to look into it!
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    I bought it as soon as I graduated in 1977 ... and have never let it lapse.
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    Oh my gosh, do any of you work in L&D? That's where I am working as an extern right now. Just looked up pricing through AWHONN, and it's $385 annually! -_- I guess I rather be safe than sorry though!
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