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Malpracitice Insurance

  1. 0 I was reading a different thread earlier & I read something about how it would be very smart to have this insurance as a nurse.. How much does that cost?
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    You can go to and receive free online quotes. For an RN student in AZ, it is around $30/yr.
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    Thank you that helped
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    You are very welcome!!
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    It costs about 100.00 a year. To me it is a struggle to pay every year, but well worth the cost. I was told in nursing school that if you carry a policy and you are sued, this isn't "discoverable." You can't be sued for more money just because you "have a policy." We try as hard as we can to be safe and follow policy and procedure at work. You never know when a situation may "blow up in your face." I'm not so sure when all is said and done that my employer would back me up. Employers have been known to leave nurses holding the bag in many situations. I feel better carrying a policy just in case.
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    If you ever have to go before the state BON's most will also pay up $20,000 towards your defense (deposition cost for both sides, attorney fees, etc). It isnt just getting sued, it's cya in all directions in relation to your licensure. You would be surpurised how fast something like this can happen with so much as even another disgruntled co-worker, employer and other issues that can arise. Wouldnt go without it!
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    I got it from the above link for $35 or 35 a year, I think. Well worth it.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I was clueless. I begin school in April. Should I carry this ins. while I am in school as well? Would you recommend it to students? Or only after we get out of school and begin working?
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    Personally if you can swing it financially while a student - get it! You never know when you may need it or if the school or institution is going to back you. Some facilities have a way of tucking thier tails between thier legs when it comes to legal or disciplinary issues. I believe it is a lesser cost for students and also consider when you graduate you'll already have a good policy on board. Here is a good article to read and I recommend it to any student or person with a license.
    It's a ceu course but is available in full length for reading. I copied it and have it to refresh myself now and then when I feel I need to speak up regarding certain request by my employer or doctors that I dont feel are within my scope of practice.

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