Levophed shortage

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    I saw that there was a levophed shortage. Anyone know why?

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    Of the three that supply the US, one company "temporarily" stopped making it, another company is out until march, leaving the last company with limited supply. We're using neo instead.
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    Really? That sucks. Levo is my favorite pressor. My hospital had a Propofol shortage a few times last year. it was awful. Pt's self extubating left and right. Ativan, versed and fentanyl gtts did squat.
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    We have a Neo shortage as well, anyone else? We have been using Dopamine and Epinephrine.
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    We were told the levo was recalled. They busted open our code cart and took it from us! Neo, dopa, epi, fine. But nothing works for septic shock like leophed! I like levo the best.

    We also had a propofol shortage last year...what a nightmare!!!
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    We currently have no Levophed (been out for two weeks), no calcium gluconate, and are running out the last reserves of Dopamine. We are also out of tromethamine.

    We're using Epi instead of levo.
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    Oh no. Hated using Ativan/Versed gtt instead of Propfol... Back to work tomorrow. Guess I will find out.
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    We are also using neo instead of levo. More patient's on vaso, too...I hate it. I don't want my patient's toes going necrotic on my watch (or ever...) Wrapping them in warm blankets and sheepskin boots! COME BACK LEVO!
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    Out in our unit as well. We're replacing with neo for the time being. The diprivan shortage was horrible. sedation vacations were a joke with versed drips.
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