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least stressful area

  1. 0 does this ever exist in the nusing department? lol..if it does, what do you think it is?
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    i think a lot of people would say long term care (ltc). personally, i disagree. it scares the jeebies out of me anytime an elderly person starts choking/coughing on their food.
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    I wouldn't say long term care is the least stressful. There's a huge resident load on staff members.

    If there's such a thing as a lower stress nursing job, I'd have to say office nursing. Maybe in a dermatologist's office.
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    I would absolutly say a doctors office. M-F holidays off, but it also comes with low pay. Although, if I were married and had a second income helping me pay the bills, I would do the office work in a heart beat.
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    I would also say disease management. No stress here!
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    At work recently we had a discussion about how stressful it is at a MD office. I know they run interference for the MDs as well as doing lots of phone triage. There are too many people out there wanting pain pills. I got lots of stories about this from a former employee in a small office. It must be much worse in a large multi-MD practice.

    For me the least stress was doing education for staff. It kept me up to date, great hours, and I had fun teaching.

    Everyone is different and for me least stressful has changed.
    Do you look at nursing as a job or as a career? makes a huge difference.
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    The least stressful job for me was private duty. Only one patient to take care of for 8 or 12 hours. Heaven!
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    I would think an office, although I've never worked in one- I have always hated office clinicals... so boring (to me, that is).

    Definitely not LTC, with a ratio ranging from 1:20 to 1:40 depending on the day and the unit!! When everyone is fine and nothing happens and all your patients are long term- it could be a great day. But, if you work on a medicare floor with more acute residents which requires more charting, assessment, admits, discharges, and more acute residents with such a high ratio- it is stressful!! Even with all long term residents- with all their meds, a fall or anything can throw your whole day off kilter (sp?).

    Another easy one might be assisted living, also with a low pay. I have a peer of mine who works in an assisted living facility and its like LTC, but with only 6 residents. That sounds pretty easy to me and she agrees!
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    I would imagine the least stressful area of nursing is..... retirement.

    Stress and nursing are synonymous. The 'least stressful area' is a myth.
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    also, it depends on you personally. i was way more stressed out when i worked on a cardiac floor than i was in the nicu, even though some people may think that's crazy. it's because i had a passion for the nicu, and understood the disease processes better.
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    I've only done long term care and home health/hospice. Home Health was the least stressful out of all those. Although I did work in a LTC facility that had a census of only 21 in patients. That was a lot less stressful than some 60 bed places I've worked in.

    Blessings, Michelle
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    the OR is low stress