Last nail in the coffin of my JOKE of a nursing career...??

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    Two weeks ago, I got fired from an LTC job.

    My SECOND firing from an LTC job.

    When I got fired from the first LTC job, I managed to pick myself up, dust myself off, and went and did some agency work... did that for about ten months, until finally I found another LTC job. Not a great job, but it paid good, paid the bills, put food on the table, yadda yadda... and I halfway enjoyed it; enjoyed my residents, enjoyed my coworkers...
    HOWEVER, we were all worked to death, doing lots of overtime to cover the numerous holes in the schedule... I needed the money...

    And one night I made a terrible mistake and ended up getting fired by the SAME DON who fired me from the first job. LTC is a small world where I live and in a roundabout way, she ended up being the interim DON at my new facility.

    Now I truly, truly feel like my career is over... I'm the breadwinner in my house and money is running out... I can probably do agency again... but I feel like I have ruined what once might have been a good thing. I've had about 8-9 nursing jobs in ten years.
    I planned to stay with this recent company as long as I could... but I've left jobs way better than the TWO that I've gotten fired from, mostly from being "bored and unsatisfied".

    I guess I need some sort of pep talk. Some sort of "I've been there". SOMETHING, someone to tell me that it's going to be okay.
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    There are LOTS of nurses here on Allnurses who have been fired from LTC's. Myself included. Their "systems" are very error prone but instead of looking at fixing it they just blame the nurse.
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    The chips are down and all seem hopeless. By all means, get mad!BUT don't get mad only, get busy. You did agency work before, do it AGAIN. But you have also got to have a clear mind, so vent it out. Your career is NOT a joke- you spent however many years you spent attaining it. No joke!Yes, it looks bleak but realize it is not over.

    When you are done venting, then take action. Might I suggest that going forward you also find a PRN job, you don't have to use it constantly but have as fall back. It'll be some sort of security blanket for you (the agency could be one too).

    And you know the most amazing and beautiful thing?You will get those bills paid somehow and gain a sense of satisfaction from finding a solution.
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    Thanks you all for the replies...

    I've got a headache the size of Phoenix right now. It's just been a rough day.
    I had a very discouraging interview this morning and it's really got me down. No
    one is going to hire me I feel like because of my history of getting fired TWICE. And
    how in the world do I sugar-coat my reasoning for getting fired. I DID screw up.

    Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
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    I hear ya, NurseCard! I've been fired from LTCs twice myself, once for refusing to work while sick with pneumonia, and the other for having a nervous breakdown and going out on medical leave when the facility was awaiting re-survey. But for some reason I keep finding nursing jobs, even when I don't want them. You will too!
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    move to an acute care facility
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    An agency job is a great way to maybe find another job. I have been an Lpn for 20 yrs and have worked in only 3 different facilities ..they all have their issues...try not and make their issues your own. Even though you made a mistake , we are only human . Don't beat your self up about it ...
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    LTC needs an overhaul. The LTC facilities are one of the first budget cuts states make. I've worked in one LTC in my career. When I finally got into acute care, I was pleasantly amazed by the resources, equipment and staff that were available. I was also very skilled in time efficiency d/t the skeleton crew, and resources I had to make work previously in LTC. I am not trying to "sugar coat" your mistake by these facts. I admire your honesty, and work history b/c of those reasons above. Someone else will also. Mistake or not.
    Don't give up!! It is just a bump in the road. We all have them, whether we admit it or not.
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    No advice, just sorry this happened and I hope things get better soon.
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    So you've had 8-9 nursing jobs in 10 years, and you're still working in LTC? My suggestion is to try to move out of LTC. It seems like people let themselves be intimidated my the 'next step up' in acuteness of care.
    This was my experience. My first job was in a doctor's office, and the nurses who worked there were all intimidated by the thought of working hands on with patients. I got a job in LTC and the nurses there were intimidated by the thought of working in a hospital. I got a job on a med-surg floor and the nurses there were scared of critical care. I got a job in critical care, and the nurses there were intimidated by the thought of advance practice.
    At each level there were a couple of nurses who were able to get over the intimidation and move forward - advance their career - but the rest got stuck, telling themselves that they can't handle it or there's too much to learn or something like that. Well, I kept moving on to the next level. I'm not a smart person, I did it mostly out of stubbornness - a la John Locke (i.e. "don't tell me what I can't do") And I'm here to tell you that EVERY TIME I MOVED UP the JOB GOT BETTER. Working as an RN in ICU was my best nursing job to date. Now I'm in an advanced practice master's degree program, and I have to tell you, working in the clinical setting now, we're not intimidated anymore.
    So that's my advise for you. Don't sell yourself short. Take the next step. The LTC niche needs to be filled, yes, but by now you can say you've done your share. Stretch yourself, learn something new, and you'll be happier.
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