Just when you thought you'd heard it all

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    Good grief, what's next...advertise on Craigslist for someone with malaria or TB to infect your child?!

    Sheeesh, if only there was a vaccine against stupidity!!!
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    Quote from mizfradd
    Sheeesh, if only there was a vaccine against stupidity!!!
    Used to be called common sense.
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    Wow...virus by mail. Didn't they already do that with anthrax? :
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    If they had a vaccine against stupidity then ED nurses would be unemployed! Stupid people and their antics are what make working in the ED fun
    Hey ya'll, hold my beer and watch this!
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    What I've always thought should replace our polite "And what brings you to the ER today, Mr. Smith?"

    "Okay, Bubba, what dumbxxx thing did you do this time?"
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    I guess im going to have to stop giving my kids candy sent in the mail by strangers
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    Yum, a pre licked lolli!!!! Mmmmm

    Back in the day if one of my mom's friend's kids got chicken pox we were wisked over to their house to play with them. My older brother and I didn't get chicken pox until our younger brother got them despite many many exposures before that.
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    I agree with the previous post. Back in the day if chickenpox,measles,mumps etc came to town, parents exposed their kids for several reasons. 1. all kids could be sick at the same time, it was supposed to be a milder case, also their was a worry about teens getting pox and being sterile. I rememeber when schools had to close because so many kids were sick. Also polio was called "summer fever" and if it came around we couldnt go swimming and had to stay home. Times have sure changed.
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    Chicken pox parties are still very popular among the non-vaxing/crunchy moms. And I have several friends who have done the lollipop trade too. It worked for them and their kids got the pox.

    Me, I just get the vaccine for my kids and call it done.
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    I do wonder whether I did the right thing in giving my kids the chicken pox vaccine. I'm all for vaccines in general, but I've read studies that immunization can wear off over time, leaving them open for a more serious infection as adults. We were all sent to the house of the kids with chicken pox, too. It was usually a fun play date. I wouldn't go the prelicked lollipop route, though.

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