Jimmy Kimmel Thanks Nurses Who Saved His Infant Son's Life - page 3

Jimmy and his wife Molly welcomed their second child, a precious baby boy named William John Kimmel, on Friday, April 21 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He appeared to be a normal healthy baby, until about... Read More

  1. by   Julius Seizure
    Quote from carman1969
    Lets all remember also what all David Lettermen did for nursing. After his open heart surgery in his first show back on air he not only stated that it was the nurses who saved his life but had all of his ICU nurses on the show. He did not have any of his doctors on stating these nurses were my saviours.
    He actually had doctors and nurses there too, but that doesn't take anything away from how nice it was!

    David Letterman - 1st Show After Heart Surgery - YouTube
  2. by   Nurse Beth
    I love that he thanked nurses! We know how many times we catch something that's not right- but the public doesn't. Jimmy Kimmel gets it. Blessings on nurses everywhere who skillfully love on patients and families in crisis.
  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    It was a great tribute to the astute assessment skills of a neonatal nurse! I wonder if it was her own stethospcope?

    Joy Behar, any opinion on that??!!
  4. by   la_chica_suerte85
    Quote from Mini2544
    Such a touching story and so sweet how he names so many of the healthcare providers involved. Nurses are truly a blessing to so many people and I feel blessed to soon be a part of that.
    However, while I am glad that the funding for NIH wasn't reduced (although I'm sure there is waste that could be cut) it's embarrassing that he has to use any circumstances to throw our President under the bus. NIH does a lot of good but they are a biomedical facility that deals with mainly cancer research. Not heart defects. The other half of America, and many of which are not members of this site, roll their eyes at this kind of display which ultimately undermines the entire purpose of his story. Shame

    The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (institutes within the NIH) would like a word.

    Also, Trump gave the okay for reimbursement cuts to facilities that serve populations that include undocumented patients -- this also includes the patients with cancer, heart disease, lung disease and many other problems (who happen to be from Mexico and are here illegally) that are treated most effectively at places like CHLA. These patients are covered under the Medi-Cal expansion, "Medi-Cal for All Children" and with the repeal of the ACA and the dawning of its replacement, that means cuts to this expansion and that means facilities that treat these patient populations are going to lose out big (and, for the record, CHLA is not a for-profit organization but celebrities can't donate to us indefinitely, as much as these donations help).

    So, yeah, Trump can stand to be thrown under a bus. His willful ignorance (along with that of many of his supporters) of the complexities of the health care system in this country put him there.
  5. by   Skippingtowork
    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    It was a great tribute to the astute assessment skills of a neonatal nurse! I wonder if it was her own stethospcope?

    Joy Behar, any opinion on that??!!
    Why do you say neonatal nurse? I thought it was a mother-baby nurse that noticed the problem.