It's Tough Out There!

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    I know this has been covered extensively, but I've been on a job hunt for a while now, and I have to say it is tough out there!!!

    At first I was holding out for my "ideal" job. But now I'll be happy to take what I can get just to get my foot in the door.

    I'm not even a new grad seeking my first job. I've got six years' experience, several certs, and excellent references, and I'm still putting in multiple applications with no calls back!

    A lot of positions are being filled by internal applicants, and I've been applying outside the system I'm currently employed in, so that's part of it. If I were to apply for a transfer within my current system, I'd probably have another job by now....but I want to relocate, and my current system doesn't own any facilities where I want to move to.

    But sheesh, I'm sure glad I'm not a new grad out there trying to find something!
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    I am currently going through the same is frustrating!!
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    Here in NYC its Déjà vu all over again; another hospital is set to close by this weekend (Long Island College) which means nearly one thousand or more nurses will be hitting the streets looking for work. As if that wasn't bad enough another Brooklyn hospital (Interfaith) is facing pressure to get it's act together and if it doesn't......
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    ~Stargazer~, what happened - thought you had taken a happy non-bedside job?
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    It's not even that easy for "internal applicants" in my system. Displaced staff get priority on open positions rather than lay them off. Bumping has been threatened in a few areas.

    I hope those who believe faith, karma, their nationality will get them the job read your post and realize it really is dog eat dog out there in the job marketplace.
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    Altra, I'm geographically relocating.

    But, I have to admit, I got bored with my happy non-bedside job about two months ago. It's been a great break that I desperately needed, but I'm ready to plunge back in to acute care, just in a different environment from my previous experience. I'm looking at a teeny tiny itsy bitsy community ED right now.

    Wish me luck?
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    It is tuff out there. I finally got an ER position close to me, I have been driving 70 miles one way, now it will be 27 miles.
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    Good luck! I know the health systems where I am are on hiring freezes due to finances because of Affordable Care Act. They are re-structuring and are on a hiring freeze to prevent loss of jobs.
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    I am a new grad. Searching for 5 months now. It's very hard to hold the faith. Everybody keeps saying "Think positive, and positive will come". Too bad we can't lobby with ANA or something on a national level.
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    When I was a new grad I took a night shift in cardiac- I'm now evenings in OB and love it to death. I think about how hard it is to find a nursing job, and how insanely lucky I am to be on evening shift and I seriously want to throw myself at my supervisor's feet and kiss them.

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