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Hi everyone. Quick question...I work at the hospital where I recently had an MRI. Is it technically against most healthcare institutions' policy to pull up your own chart on your work computer... Read More

  1. by   sharona97
    Quote from canoehead
    In my hospital we can't look up our own files but we can walk over to medical records, sign a release of information, they look them up and hand them to us. So it's a pain, but you get the information in the end. This is only in theory- I've never tried them out.
    I have for all records everywhere, signed for my own records, refused to pay for them though (another day). It's correct, it's in your pocession and when I was misdiagnosed I was ready.

    Hope you hear good news!
  2. by   Tweety
    For insurance purposes I use the same lab where I work for my routine labs. I always look up my own labs. Last time I had an exam, I looked them up and copied them and brought to the doc the next day. I had access before he did, as the lab hadn't faxed the results to him yet.

    Perhaps I'm taking a risk, but surely my employer isn't going to fire a 15 year veteran for looking up his own labs. It's a risk I'm willing to take, HIPPA violation or not.

    I've never heard of anyone in my facility getting into any kind of trouble for this. I have heard of persons getting fired for looking up information in someone elses chart however.
  3. by   Tweety
    Quote from mercyteapot
    IMHO, it shouldn't be a HIPAA violation, since the party intended to be protected by HIPAA is you. I would think it would more accurately be considered a violation of your facility's HIPAA implementation policy; that is, there is a protocol for accessing and delivering health related information to patients and most likely, that policy doesn't include pulling up your own records.
    I 100% agree.
  4. by   suzanne4
    People can get terminated for looking at records of patients that are not under their care. And you are not a legal patient under your care when it comes to looking at your records.

    Any time that you access any record on the hospital's computer system, there is a log kept of who had access to it. Not a good idea to see your name looking at your records.

    You may wish to check with HR before doing any more looking. Those records are actually those of the hospital, and unless you go to medical records and sign a release for them, then you should not be accessing them, they do not belong to you, even if you are the patient.
  5. by   Zookeeper3
    We have a policy that clearly states it is not allowed. We're notified in orientation. If it is not against specific policy I don't see why not. IMHO.
  6. by   putmetosleep
    At my facility, it IS okay to look at your own medical records, but definitely not a co-workers, family members' (even children), etc. But you can't CHANGE anything in your medical history, just look at it. I'd check your facility's HIPPA policy and see what they have to say.
  7. by   lpnstudentin2010
    I think it should be ok. I mean it is your info, you will get it one way or another and since you understand medicine more then a layperson you should be able to accss it.
  8. by   richelle362
    That is grounds for dismissal where I work.
  9. by   gtmoore
    Yes it's against policy, and people have been fired at my hospital. You have to go through the traditional route of requesting your medical record just as any other patient has to do.
  10. by   mac-rn
    One Can Be Terminated For Looking At Thier Own Or Family Medical Records At The Facility That I Work As Violation Of Hippa Policy. The Computer Guys Watches Every Thing Because You Are Leaving Your "fingerprint". Several Co-workers Have Been Fired For This. My Advise Will Talk With Your Doctor Or Pay Medical Records For A Written Copy.
  11. by   lpnstudentin2010
    somon i know works regestering patients for tests. she is not even able to acess her own address and all of that. she needs to get the coworker who works with her area of the alphabet.
  12. by   BlueRidgeHomeRN
    i guess "wrong" is as your hospital says it is..

    four years ago, i looked up not only results but followed my bill for surgery once a week! handy, but i guess not worth being fired over!
  13. by   Warpster
    It's always been OK at every hospital I've worked in, although looking up a co worker's or a patient who is not your own has not been, and that includes family members.

    There were times that I worked in places where I have accessed a co worker's info, but that was back in the dark ages when some staff were not computer literate. I'd get them to the right page and tell them which line to click on and then look away. It was at their request and if my login code had been traced and the action challenged, I would have been backed up by the co worker.

    Since I was usually the main geek, I was never questioned.