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Interview dress code and hair length

  1. 0 Hello-

    Im new to this forum.

    Just wanted some advice- I have an interview at a top hospital this week and really want the job. I have a black suit to wear- is it too formal? Especially for 90 degree weather? Do I have to wear a suit?

    Also- My hair is long- to my midback- is it too long to wear loose? I feel like I look better with well styled loose hair, but is it unprofessional because of the length? Should I wear it up- I usually do when providing patient care.

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    Looks won't get you the job, but professional appearance sure will :-) My rule is always dress a level above your expected work appearance so a knee length skirt suit ect would be appropriate and hair up is very appropriate as you will probably be required to pin it up when working in the facility. Thats just me though, however BEST of LUCK on your interview :-)
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    I was always told to dress for the occasion, For any interview you should try to look professional. Anything that makes you feel confident, A suit, or jacket and pants, skirts I was told were ok, but pants are better, use your own judgment, hair should be out of the way, and no open toed shoes, I think you will look just fine and good luck with the interview.
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    I would go for the suit and the hair up! Good luck! :roll:roll
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    I've always wondered this about the hair. My hair is also long. Last interview (last week) I did half up/half down, straight, neat, out of the way. 2nd interview for same job, all down, but neat and straight back out of my way.

    I got the job.

    Also kind of funny. That will be the last time the facility ever sees my hair down. I always have it pulled back in a ponytail for work. Cannot stand having it down then.
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    If I were interviewing you here is what I would expect. Your hair up and neat. A dress, pants and neat blouse or skirt and neat blouse. In other words, put out a professional appearance. Hair down and I would wonder if you would wear it to work. A shirt or pants, that are not clean and pressed, same with the blouse, how would you dress for work.

    I once fired an employee, after warning him twice, for failure to dress in something other then jeans with holes in them. a T-shirt and flip floaps. Why? Because he met daily with clients, their employers, physicians, potential employers. I got several complaints from adjusters, who had gotten complaints from the fore mentioned parties. He did not dress as a professional and he did not look like a professional.

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    Professional dress, hair up.
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    Depends on the fabric and cut of the suit. Is it a long jacket? Is the jacket cut close to your body but not too snug? Fabric: linen, IMO, would be unprofessional in this case. Go to the br before the interview and go over your suit with a lint brush. Tidy up hair and makeup if needed. Wear heels and make sure they are clean.

    Hair should be up. Minimal jewelry, watch and small earrings. Makeup to a minimal also.

    Good luck!!
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    It's an interview for a professional job, not an audition. No one cares how nice your hair is down. Your first impression counts for so much. if you are too done-up, I would question your priorities. I am not saying to go in looking like a slob. You must look neat, but pull that hair back, take off all your jewelry. personally, I don't wear make-up, so I would keep it at a bare minimum (if any at all).

    And yes, you need to wear a suit. This all does not guarantee the job, but lack of professional appearance could make them decide on someone else.
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    As a nurse manager, this is what I look for: No flip flops, denim, tank tops, tube tops, t shirs with saying's on them.

    Neatness counts. In the summer, I feel that low heeled DRESSY sandals are appropriate--with clean feet and either no polish or nail polish not chipped.

    Hair down is appropriate, again clean and neat. Do not keep pushing it out of your eyes.

    Above all, make eye contact, do not giggle, and have a firm handshake. And if you do forget and wear your nose ring to the interview and the manager likes you anyway, speak up and say, I know this is not appropriate for work and I will be removing it before coming to the hospital for work!

    One of my best nurses has a nose ring and the only day I saw it was on the day of the inteview.
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    For a decade, I had hair down to my waist. Whenever I'd interview someplace, I always kept it tied back in a ponytail or braid. Having it put up was costly ($40-50) and time consuming (1-2 hours due to its length) so I rarely did that. I found that as long as the hair is neat and looks groomed, its length doesn't really matter.

    If you insist on wearing it loose, make sure it's well-brushed, kept out of your face AND that you're not playing or fussing with it (twirling, chewing on ends, constantly tucking it behind your ears, etc.). Wear a headband or clip, or spray it into place.
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    When I dress for an interview, I dress on what looks best on ME. I do my makeup natural...and how it looks hair looks best down, so that is how I wear it. I always wear a suit...regardless of how hot it is, unless I decide to wear a dress.

    To me, that isn't a reflection of how you would style your hair if you get the job.
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    Quote from Hopefull2009
    When I dress for an interview, I dress on what looks best on ME. I do my makeup natural...and how it looks hair looks best down, so that is how I wear it. I always wear a suit...regardless of how hot it is, unless I decide to wear a dress.

    To me, that isn't a reflection of how you would style your hair if you get the job.

    I'd put the hair up - just to show that you have judgement, if for no other reason. If you wear it down, how would they know that you wouldn't put it up at work and with infection control being such a hot issue now in acute care facilities, its a no brainer.