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In addition to my work as a staff RN, I do research into all things night shift related. My MSN capstone is being published later this year in a peer-reviewed journal. (I cannot believe I just typed that sentence :) ) ... Read More

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    UPDATE: The same conference contacted me a couple months ago asking for a speaking/ workshop abstract. Sent it.

    They emailed me today - I'm going to VEGAS, getting paid to talk about my research, airfare, hotel (the Mirage!) the whole nine yards.

    I've never been to Vegas before!! Super-excited.

    I'm also doing a poster and a podium at the Pathway to Excellence Conference in San Antonio in May (think: 'Magnet Lite'), and have proposals in to several other conferences. Better be getting my PowerPoint on!
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    Good for you!!!!
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    Whoo Hoo!!!

    You are my inspiration-when I nurse-grow up I hope to be able to experience this -with a different interest that I have..

    Can't wait for more updates!!!
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    This is fantastic. Who knows what is next for you.

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