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For some reason I was thinking about Spinal Tap, at the end, when the guy says he would sell hats if he wasn't a musician. So if you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? If I was being serious, probably a social... Read More

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    I would be a flight attendant! Or a travel agent. Or maybe a flight attendant until I was older or wanted to settle down, then use my experience to be a travel agent.
    But, since I'm just now finishing my nursing degree, I'll just have to settle with travel nursing!
    ...after getting 1-2 years of experience that is.
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    Realistically: Teacher or flight attendant

    Whimsically: Olympian or fashion designer
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    Quote from rubato
    What I really want is for someone to pay me to stay home in my pjs all day, but I haven't found anyone who is willing yet.
    I did that for 2.5 years and made more money than I ever have in any of my other working years. It's called being a freelance copywriter. Jammies, in my home office, four hours a day, if even that. Then, my contract got terminated. Oh, well. All good things come to an end, don't they?

    I can't imagine what I would do otherwise because this is my "what would you do if you weren't a..." job. Second career person here.

    Maybe a teacher, which was my second choice when I decided to change paths.
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    For realsies, librarian, mortician or high school English or History teacher. All I considered at one point (and fantasize about now after a really bad day), and still would if I had enough money to do nothing but go to school for several more years.

    For fun? I was totally going to be a rock star when I was a teenager, and I'd like to think that if my crippling stage fright hadn't nipped that idea in the bud, I would have been great.
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    Quote from Alibaba
    #1 Every time I see those guys on the travel channel that get paid to travel the world and document it, I know,, that's what I would rather be doing than anything else. I guess that's whimsical coz it will never happen.

    #2 Which I am really, seriously, but not too carefully considering. Save up a bunch of $ by doing double for a year then give it all up and go to some remote beach locale and open up a bar with some food bar offerings. And maybe a small guest house/hostel.
    I could invite all my fellow stressed out AN members to visit for a week and decompress.
    It sounds so cool though.lol

    At some point, I'm hoping to reach a point where I can work and live off a Part time schedule as a Nurse and be able to spend my other days doing other things to self-develop.
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    If I hadn't suddenly decided to join military long ago, I would've become a computer animator. Sometimes I still dream of working in Pixar...

    If I hadn't later decided to go back to nursing, I would've been working in a biochem lab...

    But, I don't think I would've been very happy with either scenario as I am now.
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    Maybe I would be a child life specialist. I love hospitals and I love children so if I couldn't be a nurse I guess that's the closest to it.

    Or I would be a children's librarian? Or maybe a child psychologist? or a children's author?

    Or I would love to get paid a lot of money to just blog about whatever I want. I was originally going to become an attorney but I DEFINITELY do not want to do that now.
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    Sniper for the U.S government.
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    I'd work at a No-kill shelter. Saving four-legged friends (and probably taking them all home with me).
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    I would LOVE to move to Mexico with my inlaws and just be there wouldnt really care what i was doing... thats my dream

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