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Would you redo choosing nursing or the medical profession? Curious to the feelings of others... Read More

  1. by   nurse2bnoob101
    hmm im a useless bum right now and see nursing as a ticket out of poverty
  2. by   LongTermCareNurse
    Back in the '70's they did. Parents were much stricter then. And once you turned 18, you were expected to be on your own in the world. Back then, no one would have dreamed of moving back home with our parents. I have been independent since I turned 18.
  3. by   nurse2bnoob101
    back then the economy was really good. Rent was cheap, food was cheap. The 70s was a great time to live in America, so you have to take that into consideration. Now rent is much more expensive, the wage isn't enough to warrant the rent, and also tuition has increased as well.
  4. by   Suspiria08
    It's my biggest regret in life, becoming a nurse. I should have known, when I was a patient care tech and I came to work one day and the nurses were crying because they froze pensions. But now, I have this menial, subservient job that gets no respect from the public, little respect from doctors, and None from other RNs. Plus I have $30k in student loans to make it difficult to get out. You get no thanks - and because it's "women's work," you get derided for even speaking up about it. You're supposed to shut up and do your job with a smile and pretend you like it, like a slave, like a prostitute. It's true - I hope anyone checking out these boards wanting to be a nurse will look at the sections on "nurse burnout" and learn how nurses REALLY treat each other. There's no support, just reinforcement that you have no right to complain. I HATE this job! Please, listen to reason - become a doctor, stay a tech, anything - just don't sell your soul for money to be a nurse.

    I never used to drink at all before becoming a nurse. Last year, in the liquor store, I saw a worn out 40-something lady in scrubs with no wedding ring, buying a tiny bottle of vodka - and a lottery ticket. THAT is nursing for you.
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  5. by   Suspiria08
    My husband did the same - now his student loans are paid and every day he makes way more money and gets boat loads more respect than I do. Wish I had buckled down and done MD. oh, I do know a RN who became an MD at a Caribbean medical school - graduated in 2009 and still waiting for acceptance into a residency program in the US. Hah, good luck with that.
  6. by   Suspiria08
    Best of luck to you!!! There's a light at the end of the tunnel...!
  7. by   Proverbs16:24
    If I could do it all over again I would have became a Functional Medicine MD. I'm passionate about health and wellness. Do I have regrets? No, I went to an inexpensive school with no student loans to take out. I've had some joyful moments from patient interactions on the job as well as my school professors.
    However, the nursing burn out rate is very high and nursing does come with learning how to manage people which can be a challenge.
    On the otherhand, the great thing about nursing is its recession proof so you will always have a job and there are many avenues to different specialties. You can also become a nurse entrepreneur.
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  8. by   GaleSRN
    I absolutely would do it again. For the past 40 years it has been the best decision I have ever made. The climate has changed, I know, but it fit my personality and my lifestyle. I think it still would. However, I would have gone for my NP. ( I am too old to want to bother with school any longer!)
  9. by   nurseprincesss
    I would not sadly