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blondenurse12 has 13 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Family Practice.

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  1. blondenurse12

    The Dark Side of Breast Augmentation

    Take this for what it's worth- I got implants about 4 years ago. Prior to the implants, I had been dealing with unusual symptoms. Long story short, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder about a year after having implants. I had the disorder beforehand but it took me almost 7 years to be properly diagnosed. The sad truth is many clinicians chalk up female health complaints to anxiety or depression instead of really investigating. Had I not been more astute, I might have blamed the implants. How many women have undiagnosed underlying health conditions before getting implants? We know ALCL is linked to implants but it's a very low risk and is only found with textured implants. I personally think it's one of the best choices I ever made. I went from constantly hating my body to finally being free to wear the clothes I wanted to wear and feeling like my body is proportional. I guess to each their own but I've not had a single issue.
  2. A disgusting comparison, truly. For one, our population is over double what it was during the Vietnam War. Another issue is that the US primarily went to war with Vietnam to assert dominance and to test Agent Orange on humans. Of course the US didn't have a higher death count, because we were dropping bomb and poison like it was going out of style. I visited Vietnam and there are no elderly people, we killed them all. A truly shameful moment and the turning point of our history, when the government was no longer for the people but only their own special interests.
  3. blondenurse12

    Executives Receive Bonus, Staff Asked to Sacrifice

    I find it interesting that anyone actually defends this. Pandemic or not, this woman made almost a million a year and got a 250k bonus. For what? For firing staff and increasing your workload? Because quite literally, that's how these execs get bonuses. "Cost saving measures". Nurses and support staff don't directly generate revenue so execs eliminate positions and work your harder to then filter that money up to themselves.
  4. blondenurse12

    DNP Admission Essay Conundrum

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I decided I would like to go back for a DNP. I have a particular school in mind and one of their admission criteria is an essay describing your professional goals and how a DNP may help assist in achieving those goals. Here's my issue- I'm not sure I want to use it for anything. I'm just the type of person who likes to finish what I start so obtaining a terminal degree would give me a sense of personal satisfaction. I also have no children yet and so the timing of the degree works out best for me now. I'm an honest person and at this point in my life, I don't want to just make up things to satisfy someone else. I'm all about personal authenticity. However I feel like this is not the type of admission essay answer they are seeking. Do you think I should just make up something or risk the committee appreciating my honesty?
  5. blondenurse12

    Any regrets becoming a NP?

    I have mixed feelings about becoming a NP. I make more money and I have more autonomy which are good things but I feel like I traded a lot for it. I was an ER nurse and then a CICU nurse before going back for my MSN. I very much enjoyed the complexity of recovering post cardiac surgery patients and I enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow nurses and staff. I basically work alone now. I am the only provider on staff at a given time. It's kind of isolating. I also feel like my job is rather monotonous. In urgent care, you see the same stuff over and over. I feel like I lost a lot of valuable skills. I used to titrate a dozen drips, manage chest tubes, Swan lines, IABP, CRRT. Now I just swab 20 throats a day because everyone thinks if they have a sore throat for five minutes, it's strep. I could get another job and I did at one point but I wasn't given any orientation, the office staff was hostile. It was just a bad experience and I don't think it's uncommon. One thing I thought prior to becoming a NP was that you'd have more respect and/or freedom. You don't. It's like being a staff nurse but in an elevated way. Now you are personally subjected to Press Gainey/Net Promoter Scores. Your volume is also scrutinized. Do more, do more, do more. I almost quit my program because I became quite depressed during clinicals. My preceptors would be the first ones in the office, last one to leave, on call, working weekends while the physicians have half the volume and come in when they feel like it, take off time whenever they want. I feel like we are just workhorses, just shut up and bill as much as possible and don't expect too much. I personally would like to leave healthcare all together but I don't know what else I'd do.
  6. blondenurse12

    Women's Right to Choose

    Gross. All of this makes me want to vomit. You're absolving men of any responsibility. You're basically saying it's 100%a women's fault for getting pregnant and they should only have sex to procreate. You also apparently didn't read the entirety of my first post- most women obtaining abortions WERE ON birth control. Yikes.
  7. blondenurse12

    Women's Right to Choose

    Wow, the internalized misogyny is strong. You do realize women have the most desire to have sex during their most fertile period? Condoms are only 86% effective on average. I've had men take off the condom without my consent. Most men complain about condoms and try to pressure you into letting them go without
  8. blondenurse12

    Women's Right to Choose

    Certainly a polarizing topic but let's call a spade a spade. Abortion has nothing to do with 'life' and everything to do with controlling women and limiting economic mobility. The AL politicians said it themselves, that those embryos in labs aren't life, only embryos in female hosts are worthy of protecting. I don't believe in the zombie sky king but even if you do, the bible says life does not begin until the first breath. It further advocates to 'dash a baby's head against stones' in certain cases and loads of other pleasantry. Let's talk about facts. 2/3rds of abortions happen before 8 weeks, 89% before 12 weeks. 59% are already mothers, 75% are poor or low income, 62% have a religious affiliation, and 51% of women were using contraceptives when they became pregnant. Many times, all I hear is 'well she should have kept her legs closed' or 'now it's her responsibility'. Do you hear how misogynistic and stupid you sound? Pregnancy is NOT a punishment for sex. No one seems to care that men flit away, off to impregnate some other woman, never to pay a cent in child support. Honestly, if you want to stop abortion then men should get mandatory vasectomies and when they are ready to procreate, they can get it reversed. Irresponsible ejaculation causes 100% of pregnancies. A woman can only get pregnant a few days per month and only birth 1 child per year but men can potentially father more than 365 children in a year. About 12 years ago, I worked for a Catholic health system. I was taking hormonal birth control and I was having migraines with aura and became hypertensive. My GYN was concerned that I might have a stroke so I had to stop taking it. After some research, I decided an IUD was my best choice. It was considered 'abortion' and was not covered by my insurance. I made too much to qualify for an assistance as a RN. It cost $1200 and at the time, it was almost 3 weeks of my take home pay. I was recently out of school and had loans. I knew I couldn't afford a baby so I did it. I starved for 3 weeks, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pay my bills. This is what women have to deal with. To possibly die, to become pregnant and possibly die, or to suffer. No one seems to care about the mothers or hell, even the babies once they are born. To those who say 'just give up for adoption', do you have any clue how many kids are waiting in foster care? Instead of campaigning against abortion, campaign for resources for single parents, fund Planned Parenthood (because a very small part of their care is abortions), adopt kids in foster care. Literally do anything except forcing women to be incubators.
  9. blondenurse12

    Permanently Kicked out of Practicum

    I'm so sorry! It sounds like this particular nurse didn't like you and inflated the situation to punish you. It's great you were allowed to stay but I would talk to a lawyer. The school and this nurse have now caused you economic damage. Not only do you have to retake the course, which may cost several thousand dollars, but you'll lose about six months of nursing wages. Your 'crime' does not fit the punishment. It wouldn't hurt to at least see if something can be done.
  10. blondenurse12

    Why don't more NPs advocate for better training?

    I'm surprised no one has commented on the fact that many brick and mortar schools are phasing out master's programs entirely. I'm disturbed by this. I know it's all about the dollars and to go from undergrad straight through to doctoral student is great for their pocketbooks. But to have zero nursing experience and then become a NP? These programs don't have as much clinical because in the past, it was expected that you have a solid nursing foundation from practicing. My university was great in the fact that they found preceptors for us but sometimes this didn't work out well. My last year, I had two very different preceptors. One who was a MD that let his patients run HgA1c's of 9 and the other was a NP who would do a million dollar work up on a patient with viral gastroenteritis who just wanted a damn work note and Zofran. Thankfully I had enough nursing experience to deal with these two wildly variant practice styles but someone who had no bedside experience may have struggled. I feel like many of us want things to change but how? No one listens. Universities want to make money, people just want a better life and are sold this dream.
  11. blondenurse12

    Is this crazy?

    I can only tell you my experience and take from that what you will. I decided to get my FNP about 5 years after becoming an RN. I was burned out with ICU. I had this idea that becoming a FNP would be great and the schools really talk up autonomy and clinical excellence. Part way through my program I almost quit (my program is a well respected brick and mortar who finds preceptors for their students). FNPs are basically treated like worker bees. Any issues you think are going to be fixed or changed by becoming an NP...don't count on it. It just transfers. My preceptors were seeing all the patients, doing all the work, taking all the call and getting paid peanuts while the physicians dawdled around and got paid way more. We were always the first in, the last out, working days before holidays. I now work for a retail clinic and while I do have a fair amount of autonomy, we are personally responsible for the marketing of the clinic and if we have lower patient volumes, it is our fault and they let us know this. It's also somewhat isolating, either retail or an office setting because you are either by yourself or so busy that you don't have any camaraderie like on a nursing unit. Also keep in mind pay scales. I had a co-worker on my nursing unit who went for a FNP but never worked as one because she was maxed out on the pay and PTO scale. In many areas, seasoned nurses will make more than FNPs. Because I am young, overall it is/has been financially worth it but I am not really happy. I did try an office job and it was even worse so I came back to retail.
  12. blondenurse12

    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    I'm not defending these nurses but I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Prosecuting them maybe will make the family feel better but what will it accomplish? The real problem is that these places don't have enough manpower. We need legal nurse to patient ratios. Before she died, my grandmother was in a facility that she paid a pretty penny for and even then, they only had one nurse for the ENTIRE facility. How can a nurse do his/her job when she has 30 patients? Some who have a bajillion meds? It all cycles back to people want to be enraged about things but not actually do anything to fix it.
  13. blondenurse12

    Terminated/Resigned after 1 week orientation in the ED

    Is this hospital union? I had this issue with my first job. I was a new RN but I had done my last semester internship in ICU and I had been a nurse intern the previous summer in a trauma ER. My preceptor didn't like me (thought I was too young and sweet) so she went to the manager and told them to get rid of me. Once you get off the probationary period it's extremely difficult to get rid of a union employee. Probably a preceptor issue imo, union or not. I'm sorry, best of luck on a new position.
  14. blondenurse12

    Shockingly low NP pay !

    For an older nurse, I don't know why one would want to become a NP. I had a colleague when I worked as a RN that became a NP but because she was maxed out of the pay and PTO scale, she stayed a floor nurse. For me, I was lucky to get in at a union hospital as a RN. I was making $30/hr. Prior to that I was making $21/hr at a non union hospital. When I became a NP five years ago I was making about $47-48/hr. I'm up to about $54 now. So it was definitely worth it as someone in my early 30s. I know a lot of people on this forum always say "well NPs should be making at least 100k per year!" Yeah, wouldn't that be nice? But honestly the job market has never been that great. Hospitals and docs mostly just see us as underlinings to generate as much revenue for as little pay as possible. I think only mental health NPs have more salary capability at least in the Midwest.
  15. blondenurse12

    Hourly NP and pay

    You definitely should be getting paid for time you are working even if you aren't seeing patients. I would approach it like this- so they are scheduling you on average 25 patients a day. They are probably billing $150/patient. That's $3750 of revenue and I'm going to say you make $50/hr. So your salary per day is $400 and they aren't paying you benefits or PTO. Just approach them with the numbers and be matter of fact that you are making them a lot of money. You need to be paid appropriately for the work you are doing. They are abusing you because they are treating you like a salaried worker.
  16. blondenurse12

    First NP Job, misled and unhappy

    Fifty five patients in one day?! Yikes. I sometimes see 30 but that's a 10 hour shift. It seems like this practice is all about money and not about patient care or cultivating knowledgeable practitioners. It seems you were upfront about not knowing much about rheum and they haven't given you the appropriate skills. I would certainly be looking for another job.