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Zak I was your nurse today From the second they brought you back from the waiting room I knew you were in trouble. Your face was blue and dusky. Your body was mottled. Your breathing was... Read More

  1. by   Glycerine82
    Sending you a big hug and prayers/good thoughts for peace for you. It's so hard, this job. I've not had that tremendous of a loss, but I do encourage you to seek counseling via your EAP program if you need it.

    so sorry, OP.
  2. by   stephen1219
    Thank you for your kind words. My hospital held several 'debrief' sessions regarding this incident in an effort to check in with the staff. In the past, I had never participated but I found talking and writing down my feelings truly helped... as corny as that sounds. If the time comes when you are in this situation, I hope you can find a way to 'debrief' as well.
  3. by   vintagemother
    Crying. Thank you for the touching post, which reminds me of why I chose and choose to be a nurse.
  4. by   3ringnursing
    Stephen1219, I wish I could step into cyberspace and deliver the much needed hug I think we both could use right about now. Your retelling of this emotional event brought every single one of us who read it right there along side you.

    I'm not sure if you can feel us all in spirit gathered around you - but we are there with you now. Close your eyes … do you "see" us? We are there - trust me … we are all there. Every single nurse who has read this article is there with you now in solidarity and unity - and love. Let's not forget to give a tip of the hat to the most important, complex and compelling of all the human emotions - both tender and fragile, mighty and strong - because at the end of the day love is the reason for everything we do in our short time on this spinning rock.

    I know if it were me no amount of explanation of what I did above and beyond would change my feelings regarding the outcome right now, but I hope you can eventually realize that you were extraordinary today. Nursing doesn't come with a cape and mad super powers, but it should. I've witnessed enough examples of super hero nursing in my 23 years to know that to be a fact.

    You fought for a life, and you fought admirably hard! Sometimes our very best just can't ever be enough no matter how much of our own heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears we pour into it, but still we keep on trying anyway. Please know this: the Reaper walked away with a limp, and a large black eye swollen shut. You and your team made it an extremely difficult battle, and I genuinely believe this gentleman couldn't have had any better care any where else.

    One more thing … if ever I am in danger of losing my life, I sincerely hope YOU are MY nurse, a clinician with the heart of a warrior prepared to go into battle on my behalf with the intent to win.


    The inscription inside this ring reads:

    ‘ln Memoriam’: “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”

    Because what else is nursing other than a labor of love?
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  5. by   martymoose
    I'm sorry . A very sad situation.
  6. by   not.done.yet
    I am so sorry. Thank you for doing what you do.
  7. by   nurseypants328
    I believe the end of the post said that the patient was seen the night before and was sent home then came back the next day and died. I'm sure they have to investigate.