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Hands up, how many of you actually hate your boss? I can imagine a fair few will be nodding their head in agreement that they hate there boss. I search google with the words 'I hate my boss' and... Read More

  1. by   jimthorp
    While I don't hate my boss (new DON hired in May) I do hate some of her management techiques. The biggest peaves are her lack of communication to her staff and managing from behind the desk. On the positive side she has made some long in coming decisions that have improved some overall aspects of the job for the benefit of the patients and staff.
  2. by   MSICUNurse131
    I think it's outrageous who they allow into management positions. What makes me even crazier is management is capable of getting away with murder, and all the higher ups will support it. They are so concerned about who threatens them and plotting to get rid of them for several months, regardless of how good of a nurse they are. Yet the nurses that do not lift a finger and are low performer are employees of institutions for years. Nurses have to constantly worry about coworkers/managers/directors plotting against them, it really makes me sometime question why any of us wanted to go into these working conditions.
  3. by   alfa-sierra
    The fish rots from the head, the proverb says. I am amazed how prevalent bad management practices are out there. Why is that? Answer is: because they can. If you want you can help to bring change about by reading about the Healthy Workplace Bills around the US which are trying the make bullying in the workplace illegal. Only when those bills pass and become laws will these situations change. Read about BullyBusters and the grassroots movement behind the Healthy Workplace Bill and join the effort. You may still not feel better but you'll feel more empowered. I know I did. Google www.workplacebullying.org and become an advocate.
  4. by   LRNGIRL
    Yeah I am in the same boat right now.. They just hired a new office manager where I work..to top it off she's 25 years old, just finished her bachelors degree a year ago and has no managerial experience or clinical experience... She thinks it's ok to sit in her office and delegate to everyone and tell them what they are doing wrong. Burns me up..
  5. by   GitanoRN
    wait for it....
  6. by   adventure780
    My manager has left a list of extra things to do in our kitty everyday so far this week. My co-worker who has at least three more years experience than I do at this facility was angry but kept her composure somehow. Honestly I think once people become managers they forget how hard it is to actually be on the floor and dealing up close with the patients and their needs. They want to perserve costs and spending along with being able to tell the DON oh look at my floor how well I am managing everything. Excuse me but managing anything takes a team. You cannot just keep having us get things changed around and expect everything to get better. If you keep getting doctors to change a patient's meds around, well who has to deal with the insanity of it all? The floor nurses 24 hours. You are there certain times and you can go run off to a meeting and still leave on time. We stay beyond our time to ensure things get done. We don't get paid after a certain time but if we don't finish here comes the manager calling you at home and handing you a write up when you show up to work. Honestly I am taking classes towards my masters. I don't want to be the DON or unit manager. I rather get a job I enjoy doing where there isn't as much politics and drama. Once I change out of my scrubs, I want to be able to have a life outside of work. Working for you isn't my whole life thanks.
  7. by   adventure780
    Quote from LRNGIRL
    Yeah I am in the same boat right now.. They just hired a new office manager where I work..to top it off she's 25 years old, just finished her bachelors degree a year ago and has no managerial experience or clinical experience... She thinks it's ok to sit in her office and delegate to everyone and tell them what they are doing wrong. Burns me up..
    i just hate seeing some people sit at the desk and text while I am running around like a maniac to finish my work, not fair and I am around her age and I do work hard. If you are 25 and healthy get off that chair and go help out more.
  8. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    I so agree with your post about managers. Just because someone has a MSN doesn't make them management material. I am currently suffering through this situation now. The current manager is driving the staff crazy with all the foolishness. I'm sorry, you just can't wing it in healthcare in any position. We are dealing with people's lives.All my manager seems to care about is how good the unit looks on paper to the uppermanagement mangers to report to. clearly anything or anyone can look good on paper, but once one digs further can see the truth about what is going on. I just avoid my mananger as much as possible, i only speak to the manager on a need to basis.
  9. by   GitanoRN
    once again i shall say on this subject "not everything that shines is gold" in my career i have met great nm & upper management colleagues that are a dream to work with, and on the opposite side of the coin those that lack the art of listening and are side blinded by the numbers to impress administration without placing any concerns for their immediate staff....just saying
  10. by   speedyG
    It should be mandatory that during a new hire MGR - orientation to include at first working with STNA on the floor..then orient with the nurse to do med pass..then go from there. The unit Mgr in our floor right now- I don't know what she does. I only see her at the time clock when it's time to leave.
  11. by   whoa-now
    AMEN Sister I feel ya.
  12. by   whoa-now
  13. by   GitanoRN
    at this level, i can only say that it saddens me to hear some of you, as you cry for help and it seems that you're not receiving the proper assistance from your immediate boss. nurse managers handle the operations and staffing of specific units in a health care facility, some examples include departments such as radiology, intensive care unit or the emergency room. having said that, the nurse manager will assign the appropriate nursing staff to each unit or department. furthermore, the nursing plans for the patients in each unit are developed by the nm, who coordinates the efforts of the nursing teams to keep everyone in the unit and department in one accord with patient's medical care and condition. in addition, the nm's perform research to remain up to date on current knowledge on nursing care practices, the nm also participates in assessment activities to determine the individual needs of the patients and overall program needs for the health care facility. a nurse manager conducts training for staff that may require additional guidance or instructions. unquestionably, a nm's perform research to remain up to date on current knowledge on nursing care practices. undoubtedly, a nm, interact with patients, and the family of patients and he/she will develop service unit goals, coordinate new programs and identify plans for patients. a nurse manager evaluates and monitors for conduct that is safe, legal and ethical, this requires ensuring the unit equipment used for the patients is functioning properly and safely. following this further, a nurse manager handles the budget for her unit and department, this means tracking monthly budget figures and determining the needs for supplies and medical equipment. needless to say, this may call for evaluating new products or equipment that the health care facility may purchase in the future. therefore, nm's report to meetings with other department managers to share information, ideas and problem solving for the facility. a nurse manager has the responsibility of remaining in contact with persons of all levels of nursing to coordinate patient services, this also involves working with physicians to properly plan unit activities for patient care. a nm, supervises and evaluates employees, and works with patients and their families to provide assistance for health care. consequently, nm's also process paperwork such as department budgets, disciplinary actions against employees and patients' medical records.
    lastly, this could be the reason that some nurse managers are not seeing as often as some of you might like, even though when i was a nm, i made sure that everyone knew that i was present and my door was kept open to whatever needed to be discuss with my staff, and they always knew that i had their back. with that said, i can only speak on my behalf when it comes to the nm's duties which i performed year after year in the mainland. wishing all of you a better relationship with your immediate boss.....aloha~