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So, I'm a nursing student, but bear with me. I am nervous and am wondering if I'm picking the "right" career. As a student, I have struggled with learning skills (d/t anxiety) and am having to retake a class. Hey, it happens,... Read More

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    If nursing were as bad as the threads on this site make it out to be, there wouldn't be many nurses left practicing. We post about our bad days and our frustrations because that is what is interesting and that is what we fell complelled to talk about. A thread entitled "Had a okay night" or "Sure passed a lot of pills" would be pretty boring. We tend not to post about the routine or the mundane.... for obvious reasons.

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    Quote from westieluv
    Practically speaking, yes, I would still be a nurse if given the opportunity to start over again, and yes, I would encourage my kids to be nurses if that was what they wanted (but they don't). I say practically speaking because, let's just be honest here, aside from the pleasure that can be derived from helping someone less fortunate in need, what other job will pay you in the neighborhood of $30/hour with benefits and you only have to work three days (albeit loooong days) a week? There is a security to nursing that I would sorely miss if I were to choose a different occupation, plus, I truly do love helping people.
    I would be lying if I said I didn't care for the schedule, money and benefits. I like the idea of not having a typical 9-5er job in Corporate America (modern day slavery, imo).

    Nursing interested me for many reasons, mostly b/c of its flexibility and career options. Even if I decided I disliked nursing altogether, I could work for a pharm. company or as a clinical instructor.
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    Quote from 33762FL
    I highly recommend nursing as a career. I'm a second career nurse. I was 32 when I graduated from nursing school, passed NCLEX, and started working med-surg at a local hospital. I love nursing and I have no regrets about it. Being able to do something were I feel I am making a positive difference in the work, helping other people in a tangible way, and seeing the gratitude of patients and family members is a priceless experience that I wouldn't trade for any other profession. My job is also flexible, it pays well, and it can't be automated our outsourced. I don't have children but if I did, I would steer them towards a career in health care (nursing or something else), regardless of gender, throughout their childhood.

    That being said, I am not sure if your post reflects doubts about nursing or doubts about life choices and becoming an adult in general. Maybe I am wrong, but your post reads as if you're young, late teens or early 20's. It is normal to have a lot of anxiety at that age and feel confused about who you are, what you want to do with your life, etc. Emerging adulthood is a really hard period in life, and that difficulty is what resulted for me in a useless liberal arts degree and string of low-skilled, miserable jobs as receptionist and later a human resources recruiter. It took time and maturity for me to figure out who I was and that I wanted to be a nurse. So I think your first step is to think about how much of your anxiety is related to nursing and how much is about emerging adulthood.
    I'm 21 years old, but I feel older (I'm in my fourth year of college!) and I'm not that sparkly new 18 year old fresh from high school. I have a lot of anxiety in general, but I think a lot of it comes from nursing school. My program is known to be one of the more intense programs, and the instructors aren't the most pleasant people to be around, sadly. But I do work in the hospital setting, and I enjoy working as a PCA...on most days (there are some days that really challenge me, but don't we all?).

    I do worry about making the right decisions, career wise especially.

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