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Seriously all I see people do is complain about how hard nursing is and why their job sucks. Does anyone actually enjoy their job haha? It's making some of us people in college get sketchy about our career choices.... Read More

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    Well, I donít hate being a nurse, but there are many things that upset me during work. I complain at times, I donít let the rest of the world know it, but I complain to the dog, my mom and sister! If I didnít care about my job then I wouldnít be so upset right?!

    I think why you see so many people complaining because this is a place where the nurses of the world congregate. Maybe someone just had a bad day, is burnt out or just needs to vent somewhere where like minded people will understand them. Everyone has their days and so itís natural to see people complain, itís up to the other members of the forum to help listen and offer advice.
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    Most of the Nurses that I have worked with over the years do not like Nursing at all. Sadly, most are stuck. They can't afford to quit and they cannot afford to return to school. All the facilities where I have worked have had an extremely high turn-over/burn-out rate.The Nurses that loved their jobs were the RNs that had been at a facility forever and not longer had to deal with back-breaking patients, obnoxious families, cattiness of the floor, took plenty of breaks and "meetings" and had an hourly wage even a MD would be envious of.

    Personally, I don't feel that the majority of RNs are compensated fairly for all of the extremely hard work that they do. When our local garbage man and city bus drivers make as much as many experienced RNs--you gotta wonder!
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    I'm pretty burned out myself. Nursing is the hardest work I've ever seen in my life. Constant running and multi tasking, its ridiculous at times. I wish I had known a little more about nursing before I committed to this career, because I feel stuck too and I'm starting to hate it!!!!! I hate having to kiss up to people here lately! Time for a change here!!!
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    Do i enjoy my job?!? 99% of the time i would say not one bit. I love my coworkers, they are my second family. They are what keeps me sane.
    I can only think of 2 patients and their families that i got so incredibly close with, they have changed my entire life! (Especially one in particular). ...Ahhhh, what i would give to just to give this family im thinking of one more hug!!! They live in Arizona and i'm in Wisconsin though. I did get a nice comment from the family on those comments/suggestions they always send out. T
    he patient's wife wrote:
    "I prayed to God that he send us an Angel and i believe our nurse, Jenni was that angel."

    It is moments and the thank-yous like this i wish we as nurses had more of, because it is patient's like this that remind me of why i chose nursing.
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    Quote from DizzyLizzyNurse

    I hope you are filing charges against this patient.
    I agree!!
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    I truly love being a nurse and am proud to say it. I used to be in a career that I loathed and made a break for nursing. It's not for everyone, but in my case it's what I was meant to do. We may not all love our JOBS but that is the beauty of this career, we have many options to do different things in this profession.

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    I think I am really good at being a nurse. Because I can't be a lady who lunches, I have to work. What I find difficult is the politics.But that is true of just about any profession.
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    Having worked in retail management and then as a paralegal and now as a nurse soon to be a nurse practitioner, I have to say I love nursing. I wish I had done it my first time around in college like my dad wanted me to. He saw something in me I couldn't see in myself. It wasn't until I met a NP who suggested I go to nursing school that I ever even reconsidered it. I lost her last year very suddenly but her words of wisdom will carry me forever.

    "Don't let nursing be your only way you give back to the world or you will lose your fire and passion. It will suck it right out of you because so many are not ready to accept what you have to offer them. Give to someone or something that is ready."

    She ran a dog rescue out of her house in her spare time. As for me I am beginning to work with a shelter for victims of sex trafficking. Put passion in all you do but don't give it all in one place or you will surely burn out and be disillusioned. Take your victories big and small and make them the biggest thoughts back on your day.
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    I love the elderly population....it makes going in to work easy.
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    I think nursing is a hard profession especially bedside/floor nursing. It can make you hate your job. After leaving the floor for other options, I felt I needed to go back? Why? Because I do love what I do. I think some nurses do not take care of themselves. Work themselves to death with overtime. Don't eat, dont pee, I used to be like that. I found out early that it is a sure way to be miserable. If bedside nurses were to work 2-3, 12 hour shifts only. Maybe work less depending on stamina, I am sure we would all be a bunch of happier people. I love being a nurse but I have days where I feel like it was a bad idea, but isn't that with everything? If you are planning on being a nurse, make sure you take care of yourself first and get ready for a wild ride.

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