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I feel like everybody hates being a nurse!!! - page 5

Seriously all I see people do is complain about how hard nursing is and why their job sucks. Does anyone actually enjoy their job haha? It's making some of us people in college get sketchy about our... Read More

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    Everyone has frustrations in any job they do, it's human nature. Being able to voice a comment or an experience is therapeutic and doing so with a fellow nurse is not anything unusual. I don't think the mechanic down town could commiserate but a nurse who has gone through a similar experience can. For what it's worth I love my job and I love being a nurse.
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    I understand it's very rare to really really love what you do everyday... but it's possible to enjoy and love what you do some days. In my case, I HATE my job and tell others not to be a nurse. sigh..
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    While there are aspects of my job (mostly interpersonal having to do with coworkers) that I don't enjoy, I always have and continue to enjoy the actual bread and butter of what I do as a nurse. The patient care, the teaching--I'm happy to be in a profession where I am typically helping someone else feel better or find a way to improve themselves and their health.

    I've come to accept that there will always be the drama queens/kings in every workplace. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you can't enjoy your job. It'd be sad to allow another person--particularly one you don't like--that kind of power over your quality of life, especially something as time-consuming as your profession.
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    I absolutely enjoy and love my job and never truly understand why people complain so much about things in nursing. At the end of the day you get to go home and that "annoying patient" is stuck in the hospital for more than just your 8/12 hr shift. I work nights and sometimes on off times I can sit back and be like at least I'm not stuck outside digging ditches or working in 100 degree weather or worse worried that I may be laid off time and time again cause my company is downstaffing. I enjoy every time I have to go to work (even though of course I'd rather be home with my wife relaxing) but I'd rather be doing this job than SO many others.
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    I wonder how could people be so mean to someone that is trying to help?...There are people like that...KARMA get'em
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    At the end of the day, the money makes it all worth it. Especially if I get overtime because someone calls in for a really stupid reason (see: first world problems).
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    I love being a nurse and overall am very happy with my workplace. I do not get the impression that many nurses dislike being a nurse. Many of us do get frustrated with the politics, short staffing, and often being asked to do more with less from time to time and like to vent and here we are not alone. We don't like that patients have to wait longer than they should for their needs to be met because there isn't enough staff or because the hospitals charting system is tedious and time consuming. We don't like it that people are forced to come to the emergency department for non emergent things or end up in the emergency department for something that could have been prevented with proper preventative care because they don't have insurance or can't afford insurance. I think many of just need to vent in order to decompress and enable us to do what we do even if the system is messed up/ staffing is poor/ the computers are slow. Other nurses understand. They can also let you know when your expectations are out of whack and help you get back on track
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    Quote from NOADLS
    At the end of the day, the money makes it all worth it. Especially if I get overtime because someone calls in for a really stupid reason (see: first world problems).
    For me, feeling like I made a difference in someones life makes it all worth it. It gives me great satisfaction. The money is a bonus. You can make money doing many things. I personally could not do what I do if my heart wasn't in it.
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    You read my mind! I too was thinking the same thing. I've always wanted to be a nurse because I didn't want just a career- to be making money and spending money- I wanted to do something that would change lives and help others. I've visited hospitals where I don't understand why the nurses were even there- perhaps just to make a big buck? I thought if I could bring love and compassion to my patients, that would make me happy and hopefully be one less nurse who couldn't care less about his/her job or his/her patients. But one of the things i'm trying to do is get into the mind of a nurse, because I don't know what goes through their head. I don't know what they go through, and that could change entirely my view on nursing. I just hope that those who go into the field do it for more than the money. The thing I wanted most from a nurse when I was in the hospital was to be listened to, to be understood, and to be helped.

    I hope that soon I will understand the perceptions I have had of nurses, and why my thoughts that I could do better and be more compassionate may or may not be valid. I've gained alot of insight from this website and I hope to gain more in the future!
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    Quote from Gabby-RN
    For me, feeling like I made a difference in someones life makes it all worth it. It gives me great satisfaction. The money is a bonus. You can make money doing many things. I personally could not do what I do if my heart wasn't in it.
    Well said, Gabby! We need more nurses like you. I was just saying how frustrating it is to hear that the only thing keeping nurses in a job is the money. It's a bonus, for sure. But the whole concept of nursing goes far beyond what someone who isn't capable of compassion and nurturing can achieve. I'm not saying being a nurse isn't hard, but compassion and empathy go a very long way. Sometimes, people just want to be heard and understood. I've met many nurses who simply do not understand that.
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    I didn't choose nursing, it chose me. I realized I'd never be happy with myself if I didn't do it. I've had a very fun and interesting career, but there are still things I haven't loved about nursing.

    The whole corporate hospital customer service thing. They make you work harder, faster, so the patient can feel like he's at a spa and corporate gets their profit. Which they won't share with you. Meanwhile, you're supposed to learn scripted responses and wear buttons about hand-washing and wonder why no one respects you. Meal breaks cost money, so forget about those.

    Here's where new people come in: you're our hope. Instead of feeling discouraged and wondering if you've made the right choice, start educating yourselves. Aren't you supposed to learn leadership in the BSN programs? Learn how to rally your coworkers, work with your union (or start one), be assertive, know your worth and not take crap. If these programs aren't provided, lobby for them or self-study. We've always been our own worst enemies, putting up with nonsense and taking our frustrations out on each other.

    We can only change things if we work together. It didn't used to be this way, and doesn't have to stay this way unless we keep on allowing it.
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    Yeah, its pretty terrible. If you are going into nursing because you think theres a shortage, well there is none. And if you think you will be helping people, you wont. Not really.
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    Hating your chosen profession is as far as I can tell, the one universal rule in nursing, regardless of educational background, years on the job, or area of specialty. The only thing I have seen change is that recently, every other team member is hating thier job just as much as we do. Docs, bosses, volunteers, support staff.... there dosen't seem to be any happy place in health care anymore.