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I know its personal but I am just curious, of course you don't have to answer it but for those of you who don't mind, answer please, thanks! CNA/RN/LPN/PA/APN/fulltime/parttime/casual whatever your profession is, just state it... Read More

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    I work as an LPN in ltc facility.I make 18.75 an hour.I'm happy with that for now,especially in TN.

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    I work in Public Health and I make 46,000 a year (salary) Dont know how much that is per hour, but I work Mon thru Fri from 8-5. I know I could do better in a hospital, but right now these hours work best for me with having a small child...but hey its still comfortable. FOR NOW AT LEAST!

    Oh yeah.. and NO weekends, NO holidays, 10 hr of sick leave and 10 hours of vacation time every it kind of weighs out IMO..but I am definitely trying to get to the BIG BUCKS!! $$$$$
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    i make $44 an hour with about 2 years experience.
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    Quote from JomoNurse
    i make $44 an hour with about 2 years experience.
    You're not really 94 are you? If you are, can you tell us how you managed to get hired at your age?
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    After almost 28 years of employment I retired last from a large medical center located in San Francisco, Ca. Those RNs who are still working there with similar lenght of service earned between $120,000 to $145,000 in 2008. They are staff nurses and or charge nurses with over 20 years seniority. A nursing supervisor and a long-time friend said to me her income in 2008 is over $200,000. The majority of RNs in our system earn $100,000/year or more but they work hard for every dollar they earn.

    Starting salary for RNs is around $80,000/year.

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    17.45 an $100 every payday for working evenings, dealing with nauseous linen etc
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    New grad RN in upstate (Albany area) NY. 22.71/hr, shift diff. 4.50/hr weeknights, 8.00 weekend nights. Time and a half for hours worked over your usual scheduled hours (8's or 12's). Good enough for me!:spin:
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    Gee, the variables just in one are are so diverse. When I was a CNA in one LTC facility the going rate was $6/hr. Another 15 miles away I made $10.50/hr. CNA in hospitals make considerably more, but then you have more responsibilities. The range here for a hospital CNA is from $10-$17/hr starting pay. Kinda depends on wether it is a private community hospital or a larger Healthcare system. The larger systems pay more. I have now moved up from being a CNA/PCT to a Nurse Tech as I am a student nurse in the same hospital that I was a CNA making $12/hr to start, and my NT pay is $19/hr. As a Grad nurse I will be bumped up to $32/hr, and once I pass boards and have my RN(Associates degree) I will be at a start rate of $40/hr. This is in the Kansas City Missouri area.
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    How much LPN make it Cali?? I want to live in a nice area not hilly or anything. Something with apartment complexes. How much do they make starting? And do the correctional facility hire LPN's? That's where I wanna work
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    $40/hr during the week, and about $46 on the weekends. My average is somewhere inbetween there (44ish?) I don't know how much that equals per year. I've been working for about 2 years 3 months now as an RN.

    I live in Orange County, CA. New nurses start out at about 85k per year, but many of the nurses where I work with just a few years and beyond employment are making well over 100k per year now. Too bad you fall into a higher tax brackett with that amount of money and so after taxes, it's not very much at all.

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